Professional Development and Educational Opportunities

Texas State University-San Marcos
Official UPPS No. 04.04.35 (New)*
Issue No. 1
Effective Date: 4/15/98
Review: October 1 E3Y
*Replaces UPPS No. 04.04.31 and UPPS No. 04.04.34


01.01  We at Texas State are committed to supporting the educational mission of the institution through efficient information storage and retrieval, appropriate auditing procedures, professional personnel services, and a safe environment. The following procedure contributes to the fulfillment of this policy.

01.02  As a major state university whose mission includes serving as a community resource, Texas State bears a significant responsibility for extended and special learning programs other than degree programs. A concern for lifelong learning experiences should be reflected through a wide variety of program offerings to the community we serve. Program offerings will include professional development opportunities sponsored by the University for the benefit of its own staff and faculty to better prepare them to carry out the mission and goals of the University. Current opportunities consist of three (3) programs: Staff Educational Development, the Leadership Development Program Internship, and the external residential Program for Executive Management Training.

01.03  The strategic plan of the University, Goal III, encourages diversity in the university community. Regarding this aim, we recognize a compelling state and university interest in establishing and supporting programs that strengthen our ability to diversify in race, ethnicity and gender; employment/promotion opportunities for executive management in accordance with the goals and objectives in the "Access and Equity 2000," approved and mandated by the Coordinating Board (in response to the Adams vs. Texas case, 1983); and "Parity 2000:

Achieving Equity for Women in Higher Education" prepared by the Coordinating Board in response to SCR 52 of the 72nd Legislature of the State of Texas.

The following sections of this UPPS will outline three (3) Texas State sponsored opportunities for staff education and training:
02.  The Staff Educational Development Program
03.  The Leadership Development Program Internship
04.  The Program for Executive Management Training


02.01  Purpose Statement

a.  The program is designed to:

1)  Carry out the university's commitment to increase the diversity and skills of the university workforce;
2)  Provide additional academic opportunities for diverse employees which will foster both their professional and personal growth;
3)  Develop a pool of skilled applicants for potential promotion; and
4)  Retain the current diverse workforce.
b.  The program allows staff selected as participants to earn from six (6) credit hours up to a maximum of twelve (12) credit hours per fall or spring semester with tuition and fees paid by the institution. The workload will be adjusted accordingly, but to no less than twenty (20) hours per week.

02.02  Definition

  Staff is a term referring to university employees in non-faculty positions. Staff are included in the university's goal to "promote ethnic, gender and cultural diversity in the Texas State community" (p.1, Executive Summary. The Planning Process 1998-2004).

02.03  Eligibility Criteria for the Staff Educational Development Program

Regular non-grant full-time staff employees who are U.S. citizens or resident aliens and who have been employed at the University at least one (1) year are eligible to participate in this program.

02.04  Procedures for Selection

a.  Applicants may seek staff educational development leave to satisfy the requirements for a graduate or undergraduate degree.
b.  Individuals will be selected from a pool of applicants within their respective divisions.
c.  Each prospective participant will complete the first two (2) pages of the "Application for Staff Educational Development Leave" (See Attachment I) and forward the application to the appropriate account manager.
d.  The account manager will complete "Account Manager Comments," page 3 of the "Application for Staff Educational Development Leave". The application will then be forwarded to the appropriate dean/director.
*e.  The dean/director will complete the "Dean/ Director Comments" on page 4 of the application and forward it to the vice president by March 1 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester (See Attachment I).
*f.  The vice president will review the applications in the division with the appropriate dean/director(s), taking into account the applicant's current academic standing (applicant must be in good standing and not on academic probation) and previous academic achievements, length of service to Texas State, past and current job performance, and potential to succeed in the courses requested. The vice president will submit to the Associate Vice President for Human Resources and University Affairs (AVPHRUA) the name of the division's participant by March 30 for the fall semester and October 15 for spring semester (See Attachment I).
g.  The institution will assume the full cost of tuition and fees for up to twelve (12) credit hours per selected semester. Vice presidents will provide the proper support to adjust the participants' workload, but to no less than twenty (20) hours per week.
h.  Participants may enroll in additional courses at their own expense. Participants pursuing a post-master's degree at another institution will arrange their schedules with their respective supervisors/directors; the institution will assume a cost of tuition and fees equal to the cost of enrolling in a graduate program at Texas State.
Participants will be compensated at their full-time pay rate during their enrollment in the program. Participants will arrange their work schedules with their respective supervisors/ directors, then the account managers will forward the work schedule to the AVPHRUA by the first day of classes.
i.  No more than five (5) participants per semester will be chosen within the institution, one (1) from each vice presidential division. A vice president may select more than one participant if another division makes no selection for a particular semester.
j.  Participants may be selected for one (1) semester or two (2) consecutive semesters, with a maximum of four (4) semesters.
k.  Selected applicants who are unable to participate in the semester for which they are approved may seek readmittance to the program for another semester without penalty. The vice president may select an alternate for a semester when a selected applicant from his/her division is unable to participate.
l.  Account managers will notify applicants six (6) weeks prior to registration for the upcoming semester.

02.05  Program Requirements

a.  Each participant is expected to enroll for a minimum of nine (9) credit hours and a maximum of twelve (12) credit hours for undergraduate students and six (6) credit hours with a maximum of nine (9) credit hours for graduate students per fall or spring semester. An individual who drops below the minimum required semester credit hours (6 or 9) prior to the end of the semester will be reviewed by the AVPHRUA for continuation in the program and/or reimbursement of the tuition and fees.
b.  Participants are expected to maintain a 2.25 undergraduate GPA or 3.00 graduate GPA or better each semester that they participate in the program. The appropriate vice president has the option to discontinue any participant who fails to maintain a 2.25 undergraduate or 3.00 graduate GPA.
c.  The Associate Vice President for Human Resources and University Affairs will verify semester credit hours enrolled and GPA attained by participants each semester and report to the respective vice presidents.
d.  It is the responsibility of the participants to pay the cost of books and supplies.
e.  All courses are subject to approval by the vice president. Changes in courses requested on the original application should be submitted through channels to the appropriate vice president.
f.  Participants seeking course offerings not provided by Texas State will have those requests reviewed on a case-by-case basis by their respective vice president who will make the final determination.
g.  Participants must sign the "Application for Staff Educational Development Leave" prior to beginning classes. By signing this form the participant enters into a contractual agreement to remain at Texas State for one (1) year after completing the last approved staff development leave. Participants terminating employment prior to completing one (1) year will be required to reimburse salary and tuition and fees according to a reasonable reimbursement schedule. Exceptions due to unusual circumstances will be considered by the appropriate vice president.
02.06  Support Services

a.  Career Services will provide assessment of career planning needs at the request of interested participants.
b.  The AVPHRUA will provide a short orientation session for participants and their account managers to acquaint them with the program, to clarify the expectations of the institution and to explain the reporting of leave.
c.  The AVPHRUA will review the academic standing of each participant to determine eligibility and the need for additional academic resources or support services.


03.01  Purpose Statement

a.  The Leadership Development Program (LDP) internship is designed to help Texas State employees:

1)  Develop new management and leadership skills;
2)  Receive high quality cross training within the institution;
3)  Link internship activities to campus and system wide networks;
4)  Attend forums for exchange of ideas with university executives;
5)  Broaden their experience base; and
6)  Collaborate with different administrative units across campus.
b.  The program provides up to four (4) staff and four (4) faculty members selected with 25 percent release time to carry out an internship project, guided by the intern's individual learning plan under the sponsorship of an administrative division.
c.  Vice presidents will supply their recommendations of possible topics for the projects of LDP interns.

03.02  Program Requirements

  Interns selected for the internship program will:

a.  Develop an individual learning plan related to problems or issues of interest for research and development at the institutional level (See Attachment IIc - Learning Plan Guidelines).
b.  Cooperate with the sponsoring division or office in the implementation of the learning project.
c.  Serve one (1) calendar year (staff) or academic year (faculty).
d.  Serve in one (1) or two (2) divisions of the University which may include the applicant's own division or department.
e.  Be released for four (4) days a month (one day per week) for the duration of the internship period (25 percent release time over two long semesters for faculty).
f.  Accept no monetary compensation for the internship.
g.  Present individual learning projects to other interns participating in the program.
h.  Participate in cross-group seminars dealing with specific topics selected by interns.
i.  Participate in a series of institutional seminars presented by the vice presidents and the president of the university or their representatives, focusing on leadership, policy formulation, funding, and instructional issues.
j.  Present outcomes of the internship for review by the Leadership Development Program Advisory Committee.
k.  Be eligible to re-apply for a second internship after a one-year interval. A maximum of two (2) internship experiences will be available to an individual.
l.  Have their progress monitored on a monthly to bimonthly basis by the Office of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources and University Affairs.
03.03  Eligibility Criteria

  The eligibility criteria for the Texas State Leadership Development Program are:

a.  A bachelor's degree and a minimum of three (3) years experience as a full-time classified or unclassified non-grant employee of the University;
b.  Tenure or tenure track status (for faculty members);
c.  An individual learning plan describing the applicant's professional goals and administrative learning project (See section below);
d.  A completed application (See Attachment IIa - Application);
e.  Approval of account manager to be released 25 percent of time for the academic or fiscal year; and
f.  Prior approval of the sponsoring administrative unit.
03.04  Application Materials

  Interested, eligible individuals should submit an application which includes the following:

a.  An application form;
b.  A current resume/curriculum vitae; and
c.  A learning plan describing a project or projects which could be completed within a year (See Attachment IIc - Learning Plan Guidelines).
03.05  Application Deadline

  Individuals will submit their applications to the Office of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources and University Affairs by October 15 of each year.

03.06  Selection Procedures

a.  Process and Criteria

  Candidates for the LDP should complete an application form, which is available in the offices of chairs, deans, and vice presidents as well as in the President's Office (See Attachment IIa).

  A selection committee, named by the President, will review the applications and recommend candidates for the respective divisions. A maximum of eight (8) candidates may be appointed each year.

  In the selection process, reviewers will look for individuals who are committed to addressing critical issues in higher education in a way which clearly marks them as visionary, caring leaders who want to improve the quality of instruction, research, or administrative services at Texas State.

b.  Notification

  By November 15 of each year, applicants will be notified of the results of the selection process.

  Successful staff candidates will serve their internships from January 15 to December 31, that is, the ensuing calendar year.

  Successful faculty candidates will serve their internships from September 1 to May 15, that is, the following academic year.

  (See Attachment IIb - Leadership Development Calendar).


04.01  Purpose Statement

  The purpose of the program is to provide female, minority, and other potential leaders with the support to attend national and regional residential executive management training programs. The University assists applicants admitted to such programs in order to prepare these individuals for administrative leadership positions in higher education.

04.02  Procedures for Application

a.  Information and Materials for National/Regional Residential Training Programs

  Individuals interested in applying to the Executive Management Training Program are referred to Attachment III for a list of national/regional residential executive management programs. Other programs identified by faculty/staff will be reviewed for inclusion on this list by the Associate Vice President for Human Resources and University Affairs. A library of materials and applications will be kept in the Human Resources Office, 1080 JCK.

b.  Eligibility Criteria

  Full-time female and/or minority tenured and tenure-track faculty and full-time administrative (EEO Category A) staff are eligible to apply to Texas State's Executive Management Training Program. Vice presidents may, at their discretion, recommend individuals who do not meet these criteria for consideration by the President's Cabinet as exceptions.

c.  Application Materials

  Eligible individuals interested in attending a national/regional executive management program will submit an application packet with the following:

1)  a completed application for the particular program;
2)  a current curriculum vitae/resume;
3)  three (3) letters of support from individuals in higher administrative positions at Texas State or elsewhere, with the immediate supervisor providing one (1) of these letters; and
4)  a cover letter including:
a)  an explanation of why the individual wants to attend;
b)  the expected benefits to the individual and Texas State;
c)  how the program fits into the individual's long range professional goals; and
d)  the amount of reimbursement requested and the proposed contribution by the applicant.
NOTE: The amount of the program support is subject to negotiation during the approval process.
d.  Application Deadline
  Individuals will submit their applications to their vice presidents by February 28 of each year for review and forwarding to the President's Cabinet. Approved candidates will apply to the external program at the appropriate time during the year. Most programs have deadlines between February and April for summer sessionWs.
04.03  Procedures for Approval by President's Cabinet

a.  Criteria for Selection

1)  Has the individual applied to the appropriate external program?

2)  Is the potential value added to the employee worth the investment?

3)  How strong is the individual's application to the external agency? Is it competitive? (When there are two (2) or more candidates for the same external program, the answer to this question becomes most important.)

b.  Notification

By May 15 each year, the President's Cabinet will notify, in writing, the successful and unsuccessful candidates for the Executive Management Training Program for the current fiscal year. An article will appear in the Chautauquan on those accepted into programs.

04.04  Repayment of Program Fees

  If an individual is funded and attends a program, then leaves Texas State within twelve (12) months of completion of the program, the costs subsidized (release time, tuition and fees, travel, or any stipend) by Texas State must be reimbursed. Exceptions due to unusual circumstances will be considered by the appropriate vice president.

04.05  Budget

  During the annual budget cycle, the President's Cabinet will allocate funds for the Executive Management Training Program.


05.01  Major responsibilities for routine assignments associated with this UPPS include the following:

Position		Section		 Date

Assoc. Vice President	Review		 October 1 E3Y
for Human Resources	02.05 a,c	 Each semester
and University Affairs	02.06 b,c	 Each semester
     			03.02		 Monthly-Bimonthly

Chair, Staff Council	Review		 October 1 E3Y

Chair, Faculty Senate	Review		 October 1 E3Y

Co-chair, President's	Review		 October 1 E3Y
Council for Women

Chair, Black Faculty	Review		 October 1 E3Y
and Staff Coalition

Chair, Hispanic Policy	Review		 October 1 E3Y

Leadership Development	03.02 j		 As needed
Program Advisory/	03.06		 November 15
Selection Committee			    

Deans/Directors		02.04 e		 July 1, Nov. 1

Vice Presidents		02.04 f,k	 July 15, Nov. 15
     			02.05 b
     			03.01 c
     			03.02 i
President's Cabinet	04.03 b		 May 15


This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities, and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.

Dr. Jaime Chahin, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and University Affairs; senior reviewer of this UPPS

Dr. Lydia A. Blanchard, Co-chair, President's Council for Women; reviewer of this UPPS

Chair, Staff Council; reviewer of this UPPS

Chair, Faculty Senate; reviewer of this UPPS

Chair, Black Faculty and Staff Coalition; reviewer of this UPPS

Chair, Hispanic Policy Network; reviewer of this UPPS

Dr. Michael Abbott, Executive Vice President

Dr. Jerome Supple, President