Computer Equipment Repair Service                              UPPS No. 04.01.03

                                                                                                Issue No. 5

                                                                                                Effective Date: 11/05/2007

                                                                                                Review: October 1 E6Y





01.01  Computers and printers are significant assets to Texas State University-San Marcos. Maintaining this equipment in good working condition is essential to the mission of the University and enhances faculty and staff productivity.


01.02  This policy describes options for obtaining computer equipment repair services from the Computer Repair Center in Technology Resources. It also establishes the Supported Computer Equipment List, repair service contract terms, and payment methods for services rendered.




02.01  The Computer Repair Center (CRC) is the component of Technology Resources charged with providing repair services for eligible equipment. The CRC website is All forms and documents referenced in this UPPS are available at this site.


02.02  The CRC maintains a Supported Computer Equipment List reflecting desktop, laptop, and printer equipment that is cost-effective to repair. This list is updated periodically and is available on the Computer Repair Center website. The Computer Equipment Repair Service Contract includes contract pricing for items on the Supported Computer Equipment List. 


02.03  Eligible Equipment is equipment that is eligible for repair at the CRC, and is limited to equipment that is:


a.   listed on the current Supported Computer Equipment List and 


b.   in good operating condition as determined by the CRC.


02.04  Covered Equipment is eligible equipment that is university-owned (with asset tag or part of a tagged system), and has been accepted for inclusion on the CRC Repair Service Contract.


02.05  Eligible Repair is a repair to correct an equipment malfunction that arose from normal, routine operation and does not include repairs resulting from improper operation, abuse, or acts of nature.


02.06  Consumable Items include ink cartridges, paper, toner cartridges, and printer maintenance kits. The department bears the cost of all consumable items.


02.07  A Department is any university organizational unit that wishes to obtain repair service from the CRC. 


02.08  Repair Service - includes the following services:


a.   diagnosing the problem,


b.   replacing non-functional parts,


c.   recovering data when possible (a reasonable attempt will be made with no guaranty of recovery),


d.   reinstalling an operating system, if requested, and


e.   (re)installing the standard university software image, if requested.


02.09  A Repair Service Contract is an agreement between the Computer Repair Center and departments to provide repair service for covered equipment.  A Repair Service Contract only covers malfunctions arising from normal use and operation. This contract does not cover damage from accidents or abuse such as dropping the equipment, exposure to liquids on keyboard or other parts, and similar incidents. Such damages will be billed as Non-Contract Repair Service.


02.10  A Warranty is an assurance by the vendor or manufacturer of property that the equipment is free of defects and will remain functional for a specified period of time.


02.11  An Extended Warranty is a warranty for an additional fee that extends protection beyond the standard warranty period.




03.01  University employees are expected to take reasonable care of computer equipment and printers entrusted to them.


03.02  Texas State maintains favorable contracts for the purchase of computers and printers and purchases through these contracts generally include at

least a 3-year warranty. Departments are strongly encouraged to utilize these contracts whenever possible.


03.03  Departments are also encouraged to obtain repair service contracts for eligible equipment that is not under warranty. Departments will be assessed the cost of time and materials to repair equipment that is not covered by a warranty or repair service contract. 




04.01  The Computer Repair Center will provide repair service only for eligible equipment as defined in Section 02.


04.02  A Computer Repair Center Work Order Form is required for all equipment submitted for repair. This form is available on the CRC website.


04.03  Repair service may be obtained by one of three methods:


a.   Manufacturer’s Warranty or Extended Warranty;


b.   CRC Repair Service Contract (per terms at the CRC website); or


c.   Non-Contract Repair Service (time and material costs charged to the department).


04.04  Equipment pickup and delivery.


a.   It is the responsibility of the department to transport equipment to the Computer Repair Center in the Math and Computer Science (MCS) Building, Room 262 when service is required.  


b.   Departments may request pickup and delivery to and from the service center by completing the “Pickup and Delivery” section of the Computer Repair Center Work Order Form. A pickup and delivery fee (as specified in the Supported Computer Equipment List) will be charged per round trip unless the equipment is covered under a vendor warranty. 


c.   Equipment will be picked up from departmental offices or computer labs and returned to the same location. Standard pickup and delivery service does not include computer setup or connection. 




05.01  The CRC Repair Service Contract is available only to university departments.  All computers submitted for service contract coverage must possess a valid Texas State asset inventory number. Equipment lacking an inventory tag (e. g. monitors) must be identifiable as part of an inventoried system.


05.02  For eligible repairs to covered equipment, the Computer Repair Center will provide necessary parts and labor to complete the repair.


05.03  Any repair due to damage of equipment caused by improper operation, as determined by the Computer Repair Center, will be billed as Non-Contract Repair Service. 


05.04  Coverage Period


a.   All CRC Repair Services contracts are effective for a fiscal year. 


b.   The fee for partial year coverage will be prorated. 


05.05  Contract Initiation Procedure


a.   The Computer Repair Center will notify account managers annually regarding the availability of the CRC Repair Service Contract including references to the Supported Computer Equipment List, the contract document, and this UPPS.


b.   Departments wishing to place any equipment on contract must complete the contract documents, including provision of an account to be charged.


c.   The Computer Repair Center will review the contract documents; determine which equipment is eligible for contract coverage; notify the department of items covered and not covered; and process an Inter-Departmental Transfer (IDT) against the account specified.




06.01  Eligible equipment not under contract will receive repair service on a time and materials basis. For departmental repairs, an IDT will be processed when repair service is completed.


06.02  For repairs that the CRC is equipped to handle, the department will be billed for parts and labor provided. A minimum labor fee will be charged for all repairs (the minimum fee varies by type of equipment, see Supported Computer Equipment List).  


06.03  In cases where the Computer Repair Center is not equipped to perform the repair, the Computer Repair Center may facilitate repair by a third party, with prior department authorization.  




07.01  First priority is equipment under Dell and Apple manufacturer’s warranty for a repair covered by that warranty. 


07.02  Second priority is CRC Repair Service Contract, Covered Equipment.


07.03  Third priority is Non-Contract Repair Service for Eligible Equipment.


07.04  Last priority is all other equipment to be addressed as time permits.




08.01  The Computer Repair Center is an Apple Authorized Service Provider and is recognized by Dell Corporation as a Dell Warranty Parts Participant.


08.02  For computers covered under Dell or Apple warranties, covered repairs will be at no charge. For repairs not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or repairs for which labor is not covered, standard labor charges will apply.




09.01  Reviewers of this UPPS include the following:


Position                                                         Date

Assistant Vice President,                           October 1 E6Y

Technology Resources


Interim Director, Client Services               October 1 E6Y




This UPPS has been approved by the following individuals in their official capacities and represents Texas State policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded.


Assistant Vice President, Technology Resources; senior reviewer of this UPPS


Vice President for Information Technology