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Fall 2017 Graduate Diversity Studies Courses

Course offerings are subject to change. For any questions on required  Women's and Gender Studies courses, contact the Center for Diversity and Gender Studies and/or the course catalog. For questions on courses offered outside the department,  contact the department the course is offered by.



ANTH 5322 People and Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Comprehensive study of cultures from Africa. (Stacked course with ANTH 3322.) (MULT)

Curriculum & Instruction

CI 5319 Social, Emotional, and Cultural Contexts of Advanced Development.

This course explores social, emotional, and cultural context issues related to precociousness, creativity, and high performance in children and adolescents, with an emphasis on practices in school environments

CI 5330. Multicultural Teaching and Learning.

Course topics include multicultural education theory and principles; research; current issues and trends; culturally responsive curriculum, teaching methods and materials, and teaching English language learners. Students will explore their cultures and other cultures to develop knowledge and sensitivity needed to teach in a multicultural multilingual society

CI 5388. The Politics of Language.

Using a critical linguistic perspective, this course examines the sociopolitical aspects of language in local, national, and global contexts. Students learn about language ideologies and gain a profound understanding for how languages and language practices are intricately tied to the racial and economic power relations embedded in schools and society


COMM 5325. Seminar in Human Communication.

An examination of theories of human communication contexts including interpersonal, family, intercultural, organizational, and instructional communication. May be repeated with a different topic

Diversity Studies

DVST 5320. Global Issues in Diversity.

Course provides framework for analyzing diversity globally. Examines how globalization acts to shape and re-shape ethnic identity and ethnic antagonism. Course investigates how the shaping and re-shaping of ethnic identity influences immigration policy, reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, and healthcare delivery


ENG 5383. Studies in Rhetorical Theory.

An introduction to classical and rhetorical theory in various areas of English studies. Recent emphases include Teaching of Composition and Technical Communication. Repeatable with different emphases for up to nine hours of English credit

ENG 5395. Problems in Language and Literature.

Recent emphases include literary technique and literary theory. Repeatable with different emphases for up to nine hours of English credit


HIST 5346. African American History.

This course is an intensive readings and research seminar in African American History. Through the uses of lectures, biographies, institutional histories and community studies, students will be introduced to the different interpretive themes and methodologies that have created the myriad of historical interpretations and reinterpretations of African American History. (MULT)

Mass Communication

MC 5322. International Advertising and Public Relations Issues.

This course examines multinational advertising and public relations organizations and how they function in a global marketplace. Students learn how these organizations serve specific client needs in increasingly complex societies and cultures



SOCI 5350. Seminar in Gender.

This course is a graduate level seminar on the study of gender in sociology with a focus on issues of race, ethnicity, social class, and sexuality. We will examine the major contemporary scholarly debates about gender and explore how gender issues are embedded in different institutions and organizations

Women's Studies

WS 5376. Images of Women.

This course, one of two multidisciplinary team-taught women’s studies courses, is a survey of the changing images of women in the U.S. since 1800 through the eyes of historians, writers, artists, orators, the media, and educators