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Campus Carry

Campus Carry at Texas State University

Texas Senate Bill 11 (SB 11) was passed by the Texas Legislature and was signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott on June 1, 2015. It is often referred to as “Campus Carry.” It permits individuals with a license to carry or concealed handgun license to carry a concealed weapon on public university campuses in Texas beginning August 1, 2016.

As a Texas public university we are required by the legislature to implement the Campus Carry legislation and we are doing so in a thoughtful and reasonable manner. We have created several resources designed to educate students, faculty, staff, and community members about the new law and the Campus Carry rules and policies in place for the Texas State University Campuses. Additionally, we have created documents that provide answers to anticipated questions, best practices guidelines for creating safe classroom and meeting environments, and links to additional campus safety and security information. You will find all of these helpful resources on this website.

Maintaining a safe, secure educational environment that continues to allow unfettered academic discourse is important to all of us. Please help us attain these goals, by allowing us to continue to hear your voices as we implement this mandatory legislation. If you would like to offer suggestions about how Texas State can improve in its implementation of Campus Carry on our campuses, please use the online survey tool that can be accessed at the bottom of this webpage to provide us with your comments and suggestions. 

Campus Carry Message from the University President

On August 1, 2016, Texas State University will implement the mandate received from the Texas Legislature that requires all public universities in the State of Texas to allow the concealed carrying of handguns by licensed holders on its premises and in its buildings subject to the restrictions imposed by statutes and by the President of the University as approved by its Board of Regents.  

Following a thoughtful process that included broad-based consultation with our students, staff, faculty, parents, and alumni and an exhaustive analysis of relevant demographic, facilities, and comparative data, I determined the appropriate Campus Carry rules for Texas State University Campuses. These rules will continue to allow the University to foster an educational environment that is safe, secure, open, tolerant, and rich with vibrant discussion, debate, academic freedom, and discourse while respecting the right of licensed holders to carry a handgun as permitted by Texas state law.  

At my direction, this Campus Carry website has been developed to inform our campus community and guests about the implementation of the Campus Carry legislation on our campuses. This website contains a robust array of resources that I hope you will find helpful as we begin our implementation process. The website contains Frequently Asked Questions about Campus Carry, links to our Campus Carry rules, the new University Policy and Procedure Statement that addresses the concealed carrying of handguns by licensed holders on University premises, General Notice Statements to be used on websites and documents, Best Practices Guidelines for Creating a Safe Classroom Environment, Best Practices Guidelines for Creating a Safe Meeting Environment, links to Campus Safety Information, and a Campus Carry Online Survey that will allow me to continue to receive your comments and suggestions about how we can continue to improve our implementation efforts.

I want to thank you all for being engaged in the process of creating our Campus Carry rules. I am proud of the way our campus community is able to have ongoing civil and respectful discourse about a controversial topic and arrive at rules that reflect an elegant compromise among the sincerely held beliefs of all community members. This ability to talk with one another, be tolerant of the views of others, and seek balanced solutions will serve us well as we are faced with other controversial matters.

Please know that safety is our highest priority. It is my intention to do a holistic review of our Campus Carry rules and processes next summer to assess how we will move forward in the future. Until that date, I invite you to provide me with continuous feedback about the Campus Carry implementation process by using the online survey that can be found on the Campus Carry website.


Denise M. Trauth
President, Texas State University

Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Carry can seem complex. Understanding that, we've taken the liberty of comprehensively answering the most pressing and common questions about Campus Carry, its implementation and its impact on you.

Campus Carry Rules and Policies

Please note that to view any PDF's on this page you will need to download a copy of the Adobe Reader if you don't already have one. You may download a free copy now by going to their website.

Statements for Use on Websites, Documents and Literature

The following language should be used university-wide to provide notice to the public about Campus Carry policies.

Online Survey

We invite you to provide us with your suggestions about how we can improve our implementation of the Campus Carry law on our campuses. Please contribute your voice by completing a brief survey.