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Round Rock Veteran Academic Success Center

The Veteran Academic Success Center at Round Rock (VASC-RR) is a collaborative effort between the university and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to offer military-connected students* resources and a peer support program (Guides & Tutors) that provide transitional assistance, information about VA education benefits, social support, and academic services to support success.

The VASC-RR office is located in Avery 206. There, a VASC Guide can refer you to on- and off-campus resources, benefits, and provide other guidance as needed.

Check out the Veteran Academic Success Center website for more resources.

*Military-Connected Students: Active duty military, including Reserves & National Guard, veteran, &/or their spouse and children that are utilizing VA educational benefits.

Fall 2020 Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am-10am         Ortiz @0930
10am-11am Ortiz Ortiz   Ortiz Ortiz
11am-12pm Ortiz Ortiz   Ortiz Ortiz
12pm-1pm Ortiz Ortiz Hiler, Ortiz Hiler, Ortiz Ortiz
1pm-2pm Ortiz till 1330 Ortiz till 1330 Hiler, Ortiz till 1330 Hiler, Ortiz till 1330 Ortiz
2pm-3pm     Hiler Hiler  
3pm-4pm     Hiler Hiler  
4pm-5pm     Hiler Hiler  
5pm-6pm     Hiler Hiler  
6pm-7pm     Hiler Hiler