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Support our Veterans

You can still donate to Operation - Veteran Academic Success through the following link.
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Operation – Veteran Academic Success

News Release

Texas State University Veteran Academic Success Center (VASC) is launching “Operation – Veteran Academic Success” to raise funds to support veterans transitioning from military service to college.  Academic support is among the greatest need for these veterans and each gift of $10.00 provides 1-hour of mentoring or tutoring services.

More than 500 new military service members enroll at Texas State University each year.  Studies have shown that the transition from military service to academia can be “one of the most difficult challenges a service member can make.”  Further illustrating this challenge, currently more than 10% of all veterans (freshman-seniors) are on the low GPA roster including many on academic probation and facing academic suspension.

The Veteran Academic Success Center (VASC) will use funds raised through this campaign for the following new initiatives to:

  • Fund to expand veteran-to-veteran mentoring and tutoring services;
  • Purchase marketing and informational materials to distribute at New Student Orientation sessions, Veterans Welcome Nights, monthly luncheons for veterans, and information tables staffed at various on-campus events;
  • Fund to provide study skills sessions with the intention of improving targeted academic skills;
  • Fund a semester/annual internship and/or graduate position in the VASC to coordinate services for new transitioning student veterans and those on the low GPA roster;
  • Fund to expand outreach activities to provide information about veteran-friendly resources available on and off campus;
  • Fund the start-up of a veteran support team at the Round Rock campus to assist student veterans that attend classes at that campus;
  • Fund support materials for the luncheon and activities conducted during the annual Positive After Combat Transition event;
  • Purchase three new computers and a printer for the VASC office at the Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC) in the Alkek Library;
  • Fund additional specialized training for currently employed VASC tutors and guides to better serve these populations;
  • Fund support materials for the new VASC Academic Seminars/Luncheons for these two populations.

Each gift of $10.00 provides 1-hour of mentoring or tutoring services for a student veteran.  Any donation in support of our veterans greatly helps the success of this vital program.  Help us to help those that have served our nation through military service.

How You Can Help

University personnel, alumni, and community members can help through any of the following:

Every gift makes a difference, no matter the size. Join us in this new campaign: “Bobcat Proud – Supporting Student Veterans and help make a positive difference in these students lives.  Please make a donation today in support of Operation - Veteran Academic Success! You can help us spread the word by sharing this campaign page with others who might find it of interest.

We appreciate your consideration.


Thank you,

Operation – Veteran Academic Success

Support Team