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Off Campus Outdoor Recreation

Project Healing Waters

A program dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and outdoor activities.


People fly fishing on a river

Mission Support Scuba

  • Earn an open water dive certification
  • Learn about education, team building, therapeutic resources, and environmental stewardship 
  • Integrate scuba diving and mental wellness techniques as a way to bond with others, develop a sense of purpose, and receive support from peers
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Students scuba diving under water

Restoration Ranch

Restoration Ranch provides a safe-haven for equine learning and development that nurtures the well-being of veteran families through the gift of the horse.

The ranch is owned by the non-profit and operated as an experiential learning center for the benefit of veterans and the second-chance horses that live there.

Located in Bastrop, Texas the ranch is a place where veterans, horses and the land each contribute to the health and well being of the others  It provides access to a rural way of life that embraces holistic health, sustainable agriculture and community-building programs aimed at restoring the physical vitality, emotional and spiritual health of all involved.

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Veteran engaging with a horse for equine therapy

Grace Under Fire

The mission of Grace After Fire is to provide the means for women veterans to gain self-knowledge and self-renewal. We serve to protect the veteran, connect the resource, and renew the women.

Grace After Fire gives time and space for women veterans to listen, connect, and heal with one another.


Logo for Grace After Fire