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Internship with Veterans Academic Success Center

General Description:

The intern for the Veterans Academic Success Center assists the program coordinator by providing research, planning, organization, leadership and management to an exemplary, comprehensive, and expanding program with the mission to assist veterans to achieve academic success by providing a veteran-to-veteran peer tutoring program.  The peer tutoring program is a multi-tiered approach: first, providing academic assistance and second, facilitating social support for veterans.  Academic assistance concentrates on study skills and difficult content areas such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Business, Spanish and Writing.  Additionally, tutors serve as guides for veteran students, providing social assistance as required by sharing personal success experiences or assisting veterans to connect with resources in the university and surrounding community.

A primary focal point is Military-Connected Student who are within their first three semesters of collegiate education when the challenge can be the most difficult for veteran students in their transition from military service to college.

Past & Future Project Examples: 

  • Intern leading Outreach to staff and faculty to increase veteran awareness
  • Intern leading the development of a new/improved online New Student Orientation (NSO) to inform new incoming veterans about veteran friendly resources.
  • Intern leading Academic Support to veterans of low GPA, academic warning/probation, PAWS alert and provide academic coach like assistance discussing academic study skills and/or social assistance. 
  • Intern leading Outdoor/Adventure Opportunities that can be therapeutic (Outdoor & Indoor) to identify both on campus and off campus opportunities for veterans to be able to attend activities outside of academics and to experience outdoor/adventure type events.
  • Intern leading Grant Writing to enhance Texas State University support of student veteran success both academic and socially; to enhance support of family members of veterans both academically and socially.
  • Intern leading Veteran Retention to research retention and attrition of veteran students.