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Fall 2022 Application to Teach US 1100

If you are NOT affiliated with Texas State University and do not have a Texas State ID or Net ID, please leave the next two fields blank and provide your personal email address.

In which division do you work? (If you are faculty, your division is Provost/VP Academic Affairs.)
STAFF ONLY: Full-time staff members must be classified as EXEMPT to be eligible to teach. Is your position classified as exempt?
FACULTY ONLY: What is your classification? Your classification impacts the number of US 1100 sections you may teach.
Have you previously taught US 1100 at Texas State? (i.e., listed as the instructor of record) *
If no, did you complete an intership? *
University Seminar payment is processed as teaching overloads. There is a maximum number of teaching overloads you may have in a given semester based upon your classification. It is imperative we know what other teaching overloads you will have so you do not exceed the limits. Will you have any other teaching overloads for Fall 2022? (If this information changes at any time between when you submit your application for US 1100 and the beginning of the Fall 2022 term, you must inform the University Seminar Program). * *

If you are applying as a NEW faculty member, please complete A, B, C, and D.

Returning US 1100 faculty only have to complete section C.

How many sections of US 1100 are you applying to teach for Fall 2022? *
Are you open to teaching at other days/times?

Were you a First Generation College Student? *

Freshmen residing in living-learning communities (LLCs) have the opportunity to co-enroll in academic courses including US 1100. While it is not guaranteed that every LLC section will be more engaged than traditional sections, most instructors report high levels of engagement and camaraderie because the students live together. For more information about LLCs, view the website at

Are you interested in teaching a Living-Learning Community (LLC) section? *

Which LLC's are you interested in teaching?

Are you interested in teaching a major specific section or specific student population section?
What major-specific section or specific student population section are you interested in teaching?