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Apply To Become An Editor


The Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal is a multi-discipline and peer-reviewed academic journal that highlights undergraduate research.

  • The application process includes a brief test for grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as a short essay to be edited for content structure and clarity.
  • Applicants may be subject for interview by the managing editors.


Editors are responsible for managing content production for at least one submitted undergraduate essay over the academic year. The editorial board cycles over a year but the work picks up in the spring semester. Editors are encouraged to work with research relative to their fields of interest.

TXSTUR Editing Process at a Glance:

  • Editor initially edits the submitted article
  • Editor meets with managers to discuss article edits and direction.
  • Editor meets with the author to go over edits.
  • Author makes the edits.
  • Faculty reviewer reads paper for clarity and content accuracy.
  • Editor reviews the article for a final time.
  • Managing editors read through the final draft and compile the journal.

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