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Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal (TXSTUR)

Cover of Spring 2019 Issue

Welcome to the Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal!

The Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal, otherwise known as TXSTUR, provides an outlet for undergraduates in all disciplines to publish original work. We encourage students to submit excellent papers written for classes, research supported by the Undergraduate Research Fellowships , adapted portions of their theses or capstone projects, or any other research-based writing they believe is of publishable merit.

All TXSTUR articles are peer-reviewed by a student editorial board and a faculty expert.  TXSTUR is currently published online and in print.  To get receive copies of past issues, or for any other questions, please contact at

We accept submissions all year round, but the deadline to be considered for the Spring 2020 issue is February 10th, 2020.

TXSTUR 2019- 2020 Managing Editors 

Kathryn McDaniel, Senior

Kathryn is studying Spanish and International Relations with a minor in Honors Studies. She is interested in environmental and health policy and hopes to work for an NGO after graduation. Kathryn enjoys painting, writing, and studying languages.

Kaitlyn Benacquisto, Senior

Kate is studying English and Spanish with a minor in Public Administration. She hopes to do research in the field of education after graduation and become a university professor. Kaitlyn is an avid reader and loves the outdoors.