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Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal (TXSTUR)

photo of txstur editors with Dr. Hass and Dr. Galloway


Managing editors Rachel Freeman and Sawyer Click with Dr. Ron Haas and Dr. Heather Galloway.

Welcome to the Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal!

The Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal, otherwise known as TXSTUR, provides an outlet for undergraduate students of all disciplines to publish their original research. The journal aims to celebrate undergraduate accomplishments in any research-centered writing, like excellent papers written for class, individual research projects backed by the Undergraduate Research Fellowships, or even a portion of a thesis that has been developed to stand alone. Furthermore, all undergraduate students are encouraged to submit any work they feel is of publishable merit. The editorial board hopes to expand the representation of subjects with every new issue.

All published articles are peer-reviewed by the editorial board and an expert in the field. TXSTUR is currently published online, and the Spring 2019 Issue is also available in print!