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Registration Info

Have a Plan

Review your degree plan (see Undergraduate Catalog). Based on the requirements for your degree, draft a list of courses for which to register.

Verify Your Program Plan (Degree Audit)

Verify your program plan and check your degree audit for courses that you need. Your advisor can help you with this process.

Meet with an Advisor

Schedule a meeting with your advisor, and be sure to bring your degree plan and your student ID with you.

» For PACE Advising, call 512.245.PACE (512.245.7223) or visit the front desk in the Undergraduate Academic Center (UAC)
» For the University College Advising Center (UCAC), call 512.245.2218
» For a list of all other advising centers, visit the Academic Advising website 

Clear Holds

Holds on your account will affect your ability to register. Check for holds on the Texas State Self-Service Login and clear them prior to registration.

Check Your Registration Access Periods and Time Tickets

View access periods and select the appropriate semester to view the schedule. Check with your advisor if you are unsure about your times.


If you did not register while visiting with an advisor, or if you were unable to meet with an advisor before or during your access period, go to the Texas State Self-Service Login to register. For information on the registration process, watch the interactive video "How to Register for Classes."

For more information, visit the Registration FAQ or the Registrar's Office website.