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Summer 2015: Eric Wolf

Eric Wolf
2015-2016 Presidential Upper Level Scholar

Name: Eric Wolf 

Classification: Senior


Hometown: Houston, TX (Cypress, TX)


Nominated by: Amy Beck, Supervisor of Academic Advising: University College Advising Center

Why did you select General Studies as your major? 

I selected General Studies as my major so that I could gain an interdisciplinary education from multiple perspectives that were specified to my needs and would allow me to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information from those multiple perspectives in order to render reasoned decisions.

What are your three minors?

            Business Administration, Consumer Affairs, and Mass Communication 

How did you select your minors?

My career occupational choice and goal is to be a financial advisor. This major provides me with knowledge of management to marketing concepts in the business administration discipline; income statements, balance sheets, and investment principles in the consumer affairs discipline; and understanding of diversities amongst different peoples and to be able to successfully communicate through those differences in the mass communication discipline. Through my disciplines of study I am prepared to financially advise with an administrative business cap and a diverse communicative cap

What advice do you have for students considering the General Studies major?



Move forward with your consideration and apply to earn this undergraduate degree. The opportunity available to you is based on what your goals in life are, and there will absolutely be three minors that will cohesively engage your education and future career path. The General Studies major is not just about your disciplines either; if you want the specific and detailed knowledge of how to successfully begin a career that will showcase your skills in a way employers want to see, the two General Studies specific courses will provide career preparation and advancement information to help you flourish in your professional life.