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Summer 2010: Ambrais Nedd

Name: Ambrais Nedd
Classification: Senior
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Nominated by: Ashley Borniger: Academic Advisor, University College Advising Center

1.  Why did you select BGS as your major? 

I selected BGS as my major because it allowed me to integrate the disciplines I was interested in learning about.

2.  What are your three minors?

My three disciplines are psychology, social work, and religious studies.

3.  How did you select your minors?

I've faced various trials and tribulations in my short years of life and because of this I have a real world experience that allows me to understand and have compassion for others.I want to do whatever I can to help others to overcome the adversity and hardships life throws in their way. I took this into great consideration when I chose the disciplines I decided to study. I selected programs that would aid to the growth and development of what God has already placed within me.

4.  How does this major fit with your career goals? 
Ultimately my dream is to open my own faith-based organization that will provide resources to aid those in need as well as meet their mental and spiritual needs. No other major would have been a better choice. 

5.  What advice do you have for students considering majoring in BGS?

If you are having a difficult time choosing a single discipline, then BGS is perfect for you. You practically decide what the requirements of your degree are going to be as opposed to being forced into a rigid degree with no flexibility. Besides, if you needed to get that in depth into any particular discipline, then graduate school would be the next option.

The BGS Minor of the Month: Social Work

The Social Work minor makes students aware of our society's problems, conditions, and value systems, while enhancing their growth in their chosen major fields. The minor does not prepare students for professional social work practice nor for state social work licensure. 

An example of courses that may be taken for this minor include:

SOWK 1350 - Introduction to Social Work: This introductory survey course includes the nature, function, and various types of social work practice, acquainting the student with the history, scope, and values of the profession.

SOWK 4355 - Policy Practice: This course is an overview of social policy and legislation and the processes of influencing public policy. It links policy with a broad range of social work service areas. Prerequisites: SOWK 1350 and 2375 or instructor consent.

SOWK 3312 - Alcoholism and Chemical Dependence:
This elective course focuses on commonly used and abused drugs as well as the dynamics and treatment of addiction and alcohol abuse. It emphasizes direct social work intervantions aimed at addiction prevention and treatment.