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Spring 2012: Sara Mallett

Spring 2012: Sara Mallett

Name: Sara Mallett
Classification: Senior
Hometown: Galveston, TX
Nominated by: Ashley Ransom, BGS Academic Advisor: University College  Sara Mallett

 1.  Why did you select BGS as your major?
I was a bit overwhelmed when I transferred to Texas State. I was unsure which field of study I wanted to focus on. I knew my strengths but I was unclear how to combine them in to a degree. Someone on the Tram told me about the BGS degree and I knew it was a perfect fit for me.
2.  What are your three minors?
My three minors are Social Work, Mass Communications, and Healthcare Administration.

3.  How did you select your minors?
I first came to Texas State for the Mass Communications major. I chose Healthcare Administration because I was raised around Healthcare but wanted to explore it from another side, and it fits with my future career goals. I chose Social Work because I have been drawn to helping out others.

4.  How does this major fit with your career goals?
I would like to work with a hospital to promote the hospital and grasp a clear understanding of the business side of hospitals. I feel that with this degree, I can implant and promote programs that will help patients and families.

5.  What advice do you have for students considering majoring in BGS?
I would look closely at how the minors you chose will work together. Be ready to explain and be able to sell yourself as well as the degree choice. Be a sponge in all of your minors and take part in the organizations that are related to your minors. This will help you network and learn more about each minor and options for careers in the future.