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September 2009: Tiffany Quiring

Name: Tiffany Quiring
Classification: Junior
Hometown: New Braunfels, Texas
Nominated by: Ashley Ransom, Academic Advisor: University College

   1. Why did you select BGS as your major?

I selected BGS as my major because I feel like it gives me more control over my education. I have the option to pursue many different areas of study and to become well rounded in my education, which fits very well to my personality type.

   2. What are your three minors?

Religious Studies, English, and Art & Design.

   3. How did you select your minors?

I selected my three minors based off what I was interested in.

   4. How does this major fit with your career goals?

My career goals are very simple for me to understand, but sometimes seem a bit far-fetched for others to comprehend. I plan on being an artist in every way possible. Whether I am an artist through creative writing, creating 2D pieces, or 3 D structures, much of what I have learned with my degree will be beneficial. A large portion of my artwork has religious themes of which I've learned and studied more about through that portion of my degree.

   5. What advice do you have for students considering majoring in BGS?

It is an awesome degree program and because of the way it is structured, you are able to have so much control over what you study. However, because it is very nontraditional you must actively work on being able to explain it well to others. Whether it is your parents that have questions, or a future employer at a big cooperation, you must be fluent in the language of this degree and its many advantages to you and others.

The BGS Minor of the Month: Religious Studies

A minor in Religious Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that requires 18 hours selected from courses ranging in topics from Anthropology to Art History. 

An example of courses that may be taken for this minor include:

REL 1310 - Introduction to Religious Studies: An introduction to the methods and history of religious studies as a field of the academic humanities. The course will treat social, scientific, philosophical, and historical approaches to studying religion. Selected beliefs and practices common to several religions will provide case studies for methodological practice.

ENG 3329 (WI) - Mythology: Study of myths in ancient cultures, mythic patterns in modern literature, and Hollywood as mythmaker. Repeatable once, in special situations, when topic varies.

ANTH 3305 - Magic, Rituals, and Religion: An examination of magic and religion in cultures of the world with an emphasis on recent works dealing with mysticism and the occult.