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October 2010: Eva Curry

Name: Eva Curry
Classification: Senior
Hometown: Houston, TX
Nominated by: Ashley Ransom, Academic Advisor: University CollegeEva Curry

 1.  Why did you select BGS as your major?

I thought it was the perfect degree for someone like me who enjoys learning more than two subjects. It's a creative way for me to challenge myself academically.
2.  What are your three minors?

Business, Communication Studies, and Psychology.

3.  How did you select your minors?

I wanted a major that could apply to the real world of careers while still catering to the human elements of our society. My three minors really focus on these two aspects and can adapt to any economic climate.

4.  How does this major fit with your career goals?

I want to be an active member in counseling for women with eating disorders and eventually create my own clinic to help spread awareness about this growing epidemic. My minors are the perfect starting point to accomplish my long term goal.

5.  What advice do you have for students considering majoring in BGS?

The BGS program really challenges your creative side when it comes to your three minors. In order to feel successful with this degree, it's better to choose minors that will compliment one another and allow room for new ideas. Your GNST project will reflect your acquired skills and knowledge from them and can be a great selling point for your major!

The BGS Minor of the Month: Value Studies

This minor allows a student with special interests in value theory to pursue a course of study, which culminates in an independent research project in value studies. This project may be a study of a theoretical issue in value studies or something of an applied nature; students may affiliate with people in various work environments or service learning settings to identify value conflicts and suggest resolutions.

An example of courses that may be taken for this minor include:

PHIL 3324 - Meaning of Life (WI): Investigation of major theories of the meaning of life in Western and Eastern philosophies.

PHIL 3321 - Contemporary Moral Problems (WI): Exploration of philosophical dimensions of contemporary moral problems such as abortion, euthanasia, poverty, animal rights, nuclear war, and privacy in a computer age. Prerequisite: Three hours of lower division philosophy, PHIL 3301, or consent of the instructor. May be repeated once for additional credit.

PHIL 3322 - Professional Ethics (Capstone) (WI): Study of major topics in business and professional ethics, including what a profession is, whether it differs from business, and what is involved with the moral education, social responsiblities, and ethical standards of professionals and business people. Prerequisite: Three hours of lower division philosophy, PHIL 3301, or consent of the instructor.