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March 2010: Anthony Generali

Name: Tony Generali
Classification: Senior
Hometown: Killeen, TX
Nominated by: Temple Clark: Academic Advisor II, University College Advising Center

 1.  Why did you select BGS as your major? 

There are quite a few reasons behind why I choose the BGS major, but on the top of my list has to be the marketability of having three minors over one specific major. It allows me to touch on many different areas of interest, and has truly turned out to be a blast! It's a fun major to have. I like going to my classes, and I like my professors, so it makes the everyday "stress" of school that much easier to deal with.

 2.  What are your three minors?

Art History, History, and Business

 3.  How did you select your minors?

I went with the areas that I was most interested in. I kept thinking about how bored I would be with an accounting or psychology degree... and picked the minors that I knew would keep my attention throughout my schooling.

 4.  How does this major fit with your career goals? 

As far as "career goals" go, my BGS degree with give me a few options to choose from when I decide to pursue my master's and hopefully one day my doctorate. I want to further my education, so having dabbled in more than one area will allow me to pick something that I truly want to advance in.

 5.  What advice do you have for students considering majoring in BGS?

Choose it because you LOVE it! This program allows you to hand-pick and hand-craft a degree that is specific to you. If you love photography, astrology, and physics then go for it! This is the degree for those who are not scared to think outside of the box and go to school for something they want to do. Plus all the cool kids these days are BGS majors.

The BGS Minor of the Month: Art & Design

A minor in Art requires 24 hours as listed below. All prerequisites must be met for any course chosen to satisfy requirements for the Art and Design minor.

  1. Required: Three courses (9hours) ARTF 1301, ARTF 1302 and 1 course from ARTF 1303 or ARTF 1304.
  2. Required: One course (three hours) from ARTS 2311, 2321, 2331, 2341, 2351, 2371, 2381, or 2391.
  3. Required: Four courses (12 hours) selected from advanced level Art and Design courses.

An example of courses that may be taken for this minor include:

ARTF 1302 - Basic Drawing: Introduction to a variety of media and techniques for exploring descriptive and expressive possibilities in drawing.

ARTS 2331 - Fibers I: An introduction to fiber techniques as a means of individual expression and problem solving. Prerequisites: ART 1301, 1302, 1303.

ARTT 3372 - Art Theory and Practice for Children (WI):
A survey and analysis of the theories and practices of teaching art to children. Topics include artistic development, art programming, content, philosophies, methodologies, objectives and assessment. Requires 10 clock hours of field experience in an elementary art learning setting. Prerequisite: ARTT 2371.