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February 2010: Christopher Edwards

Name: Chris Edwards
Classification: Senior '09
Hometown: Victoria, TX
Nominated by: Dr. David Nelson, Professor: General Studies

 1.  Why did you select BGS as your major? 

During my first few years at Texas State, I found myself jumping from major to major because I was just simply interested in a lot of possibilities. I tried Advertising, Photography and even Respiratory Therapy.  When General Studies became a new major option, I was sold!  The idea of being able to do everything I find interesting and having that varied option with a degree at the end of the road to represent it all; I knew BGS was for me.

 2.  What are your three minors?

Mass Communication, Media Studies, & Photography

 3.  How did you select your minors?

Well, again, it comes back to the things I really enjoy learning about and the things I wouldn't mind being around the rest of my life. All I had to do was look at myself from a different perspective and photography was an obvious choice. The other two came along when deciding what I could possibly do in the future with a career.

 4.  How does this major fit with your career goals? 

I'm that guy with a huge movie and video game collection.  Those are my passions along with playing music.  BGS has allowed me to be well rounded, so to speak, in the best ways I can see myself being involved with those types of companies.  I'd love to be behind the creative aspect to the marketing and advertising of videogames, movies, music or even computer technology.

5.  What advice do you have for students considering majoring in BGS?

I've already given advice to my good friend Garrett and he switched to BGS soon after.  If you have interests in more than one area and you don't want to give one up, then BGS is the perfect way to go!

The BGS Minor of the Month: Anthropology

A minor in Anthropology requires 23 semester hours including ANTH 1312, 2414, 2415, and at least twelve hours of advanced ANTH electives.

An example of courses that may be taken for this minor include:

ANTH 1312 - Cultural Anthropology: Examines the nature of culture and its various aspects as these are manifest in contemporary and traditional societies. Provides for increased flexibility of human culture. ANTH 1312 and 3301 may not both be counted for credit.

ANTH 3318 - Texas Archaeology: This course will present our current understanding of Texas archaeology. The environmental and social contexts of prehistoric, protohistoric, and historic records of Native Americans and Spanish occupations in Texas are discussed.

ANTH 3305 - Magic, Ritual and Religion: An examination of magic and religion in cultures of the world with an emphasis on recent works dealing with mysticism and the occult.