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BGS 2010 Minor Checksheets

BGS Minor Checksheets: 2010 Catalog Year (alpha order) 

**For General Studies Majors ONLY**

Use for advising purposes and to confirm coursework with your University College advisor.

BiologyMinor2010 (DOC, 28 KB)

BusinessMinor2010 (DOC, 28 KB)

DanceMinor2010 (DOC, 98 KB)

EnglishMinor2010 (DOC, 29 KB)

FrenchMinor2010 (DOC, 30 KB)

GeologyMinor2010 (DOC, 31 KB)

GermanMinor2010 (DOC, 27 KB)

HistoryMinor2010 (DOC, 28 KB)

JapaneseMinor2010 (DOC, 29 KB)

MathMinor2010 (DOC, 30 KB)

MusicMinor2010 (DOC, 29 KB)

PhysicsMinor2010 (DOC, 27 KB)

SpanishMinor2010 (DOC, 34 KB)

TheatreMinor2010 (DOC, 28 KB)

WritingMinor2010 (DOC, 30 KB)