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Non-Course Based Option (NCBO) Registration

What is a Non-Course Based Option (NCBO)?

NCBO stands for Non-Course Based Option.  The main goal of these options are to reduce the amount of time first-year college students spend taking developmental course work. Students who do not meet the minimum standard but score close enough to a passing mark in math, writing, and/or reading are given the opportunity to participate in these options. 

Students enrolled in NCBO's will have an opportunity to earn college credit while satisfying the Texas Success Initiative Program (TSIP) requirement and/or satisfy the TSIP requirement through an accelerated seminar.   These options help students avoid spending a whole semester in a developmental math, writing, and/or writing course as well as hundreds of dollars in tuition.

The NCBO seminar is is offered at no-charge to the student.  However, if paired with a college-level course, students must pay tuition for the college-level course. 

Space is limited for each NCBO and enrollment is by invitation only. 

By completing the Non-Course Based Option (NCBO) registration form, you acknowledge you will enroll in the NCBO to satisfy the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) math, reading and/or writing requirement.  Furthermore, you give authorization for your course schedule to be amended to accommodate the NCBO in the event a manual schedule change is needed.

If you would like to request registration for more than one NCBO, you must complete a separate form for each subject.

This NCBO is a paired-course option offering eligible students that have not met the TSI math requirement with a math TSIA score of 348-349 the ability to enroll in college-level MATH 1315 provided an online College Algebra prep-course (NCBM 1001) is successfully competed by the second week of classes. Successful completion of of the NCBM 1001 course will satisfy the TSI math requirement.

This NCBO is a paired-course option offering eligible students that have not met the TSI writing requirement with a writing TSIA score of 337 (objective) and an essay score of 4 the ability to enroll in a specific college-level ENG 1310 course with additional support provided via a required seminar (NCBW 1001) taught by a college-level course instructor. Successful completion of these two courses (C or better) will earn the student college-level English credit in addition to satisfying the TSI writing requirement.

This NCBO is an accelerated seminar option that offers eligible students that have not met the TSI reading requirement with a reading TSIA score of 348-350 the ability to enroll in NCBR 1001 to satisfy the TSI reading requirement in 10-weeks.   This seminar utilizes face-to-face and interactive online methods.  Successful completion of this course (C or better) will satisfy the TSI reading requirement.