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ANNOUNCEMENT: Until further notice, all TSIA/Accuplacer requests will be scheduled through the Remote TSIA/Accuplacer process and proctored online through Examity.

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  • The Accuplacer exam is a college readiness test for some colleges and universities in states other than Texas. Effective August 26, 2013, only the TSIA will be used to satisfy the Texas Success Initiative requirements for college readiness in the state of Texas. Currently, the Texas State University Department of Math Accuplacer is instituting the Accuplacer Advanced Math Placement exam for incoming freshmen who need to test into a higher-level math.

  • In-Person Testing

    The in-person administration fee that must be paid to the TEMC will depend on how many sections you need to take. The TSIA fee is $20 per subject area. Taking two sections will cost $40, and taking three sections will cost $60.

    An additional $20 charge for each subject area can be incurred if your suspended exam is not completed within two business days.

    For students with a TSI or Accuplacer voucher from another institution, the proctoring fee is $15 per section. The fee must be paid the day of testing using a credit or debit card at the Testing Center. You must present your voucher at time of payment.

    Remote Testing

    For information about the fee for remote voucher testing, please see Remote Accuplacer Assessment Information below.

  • A valid photo ID is required at the time of registration. (see ID Requirements)

  • The Accuplacer Assessment is offered on a walk-in basis (no appointment needed) any day that the TEMC Testing Lab is open.

    • Testing Lab, San Marcos: Examinees that must test for all three-subject areas must arrive at the testing center in time to begin the test no later than 12:30 p.m. We recommend arriving by noon to make sure you start on time. 1:30 p.m. is the start time for two subject areas, and 2:30 p.m. is the start time for one subject area. Our testing lab closes at 4:50 p.m. If a test is unfinished at the 4:50 p.m. closing time, it will be suspended, and the examinee may return within two business days to complete it. If the test is completed within two business days, no additional fee will be charged.
    • Testing Center, Round Rock: All testing must be completed or suspended 15 minutes prior to closing. You may suspend testing during a section, but if you don’t complete suspended sections within two business days, then you will be charged an additional $20 fee for each section that is suspended. For times to test at the Testing Center, Round Rock, please visit the TCRR hours page.
  • Follow the steps below if you are interested in taking the Accuplacer assessment online from home.

    In order to test with an online proctor, you will need to obtain a remote voucher from our office. Please fill out our Request for Remote Accuplacer/TSI form and submit it at least one week prior to the date you would like to test. The fee to set up a remote voucher for an Accuplacer Assessment is $30 per voucher. You will also need to pay the online service fee for proctoring your exam. Information about online proctoring fees and additional information can be found at You will be sent information about submitting payment for the online proctoring service once your voucher is created.

  • Step 1: Provide payment

    Pay your testing fees online. The Accuplacer fee is $20 per subject area for in-person exams.

    Save the printed receipt as proof you paid.

    Also note: TEMC cannot provide full or partial refunds for any fees or other payments beyond five business days from the date of payment.

    Step 2: Determine your test date/time

    Decide when to take the test.

    The Accuplacer Assessment can be taken any time during regular operating hours. Please refer to the Testing Times section above for your preferred testing center prior to deciding when you will take the exam. If a test is unfinished at closing time, it will be suspended, and the examinee may return within two business days to complete it. If the test is completed within two business days, no additional fee will be charged. Otherwise, an additional $20 be charged for each subject area yet to be completed.

    Step 3 (Test day)

    Bring the following documents:

    1. Valid photo ID (see ID Requirements)
    2. Testing fee receipt.
  • Students with disabilities who may require accommodations (alternative format, reader service, extended time, etc.) must contact the Office of Disability Services (512.245.3451) prior to taking the test. Verification of disability will be required. Non-Texas State students who require accommodations must request that the office analogous to ODS at their school provide to us a list of approved testing accommodations to if you intend to test at the San Marcos campus or if you intend to test at the Round Rock campus.

    Additionally, all examinees who require accommodations must complete an Accommodated Testing Request Form to test at either facility at least two weeks prior to the desired exam date. If you intend to test at the San Marcos campus, please complete the SM Accommodated Testing Request Form. If you intend to test at the Round Rock campus, please complete the TCRR Accommodated Testing Request Form. Requests will be processed within two business days. Please note the operating hours for each campus testing center and available start times for the exam you wish to take when selecting your appointment time, and make sure to take into account additional time you may need.

  • For Accuplacer scores from Texas State to be sent to another school

    If you need scores for Accuplacer to be sent to an out of state college or university, we can send your scores for a fee if you submit our Score Report Request Form.

    To process your request form, when you send it to us, you must also include a clear copy of a valid photo ID. Government-issued IDs that also include a signature are preferred, but we will also accept an active Texas State student ID. The form and a photocopy of your ID can be mailed, or you can scan them and email or fax.

    Allow three business days for processing your request.

    Mail to: TEMC, Commons Hall
    Test Score Reports
    601 University Dr.
    San Marcos, TX 78666
    Fax: 512.245.2903

    Payments can be made by credit card over the phone (512.245.5576), or if mailing in your form, you can include a money order made payable to Texas State University.

    Note: TEMC cannot provide refunds for any fees or other payments beyond one week from the date of payment.