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CIS1323 Exam for Credit

The CIS 1323 Exam-for-Credit is a project-based exam using SIMnet and Microsoft Office 2019/365 (Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Excel) using a Windows computer. You will be asked to download a starter file, resource file(s), and instructions. It is very important to save your files to your desktop, and do not leave any file in the Download folder. If a resource file is a zipped file, you must extract the items in the zipped file and save them to your desktop.

Following the project instructions, you will complete a series of tasks using the downloaded files. It is important to carefully read each instruction and follow the instruction accordingly. While there might be a large number of ways to complete a task, this project exam follows Microsoft best practices.

The time allocation is 75 minutes once the password is entered and the Start Project button is selected. The countdown clock does not pause in the event you need to step away for a few minutes. You should plan ahead so that you do not lose valuable time with a bathroom break.

The exam is closed book and closed notes. You may not use any supplementary materials or any other help to assist you in completing this exam. You may not use the built-in Help menu in the Microsoft application.

It is also administered at the Round Rock campus by appointment only. See if you wish to test at the Round Rock campus.

The waiting period to retake the exam is three months.

You must earn 70% to pass the exam and receive course credit for CIS1323.

There are two fees that must be paid to take the exam. The testing center charges an administration fee ($40), and SIMnet charges a test fee to receive an access code ($26.50 *amount subject to change per SIMnet). You will need to purchase the SIMnet access code before you go to the testing center. SIMnet accepts major credit cards and Paypal.


To take the test,

Step 1

Complete the CIS1323 Exam-for-credit Request Form.

Step 2

Upon receipt of your request, TEMC will verify that all necessary information is included, then respond with an email informing you of how to pay the test fee and administration fee.

Step 3 (Test Day)

Email to for appointment. Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled testing time to check in, and make sure you bring (you will not be allowed to test without all three):

  • Valid Photo ID
  • Receipt of test fee payment to SIMnet
  • Receipt of administration fee payment to TEMC

If you must attempt the CIS 1323 Exam for Credit a second time

If you do not pass the CIS 1323 Exam from Credit on your first attempt, you must wait 3 months for a second attempt.

The second attempt is a different project-based exam and has a 150 minute time allocation. The administration fee increases to $50.