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Evaluation Submission Guidelines


Before submitting faculty evaluations for processing, please complete both pages of the Faculty Evaluation Request Form. The second page is a checklist that must be followed and completed by your department before submitting your faculty evaluations. Evaluations submitted without the checklist will be sent back to your department.

  • Demographic Information: Complete all demographic information including the department name, telephone number, semester, and number of sections. The number of sections should correspond to the number of envelopes you submitted.

  • Output: We will email your output PDF file and your scanned data file to the email address you indicate. Please note that the TEMC will retain copies of your evaluation scanned data file and PDF file for only one year.

  • Type of Items:
    Number of items to be evaluated (e.g., 25): List the total number of items on your faculty evaluation excluding comment items, which should be at the end.
    Demographic items (e.g., 1-4): List the item numbers that pertain to demographic information (e.g., “My probable course grade will be:”) on the line provided. Means and standard deviations will NOT be calculated for these items.

  • Analysis to be weighted: TEMC can process items with 4 or 5 response options (or both).
    Items with 5 response options (e.g., 5-10): List the item numbers that have 5 response options on the line provided. Check the box next to the order in which you would like the responses to be weighted.
    Items with 4 response options (e.g., 11-15): List the item numbers that have 4 response options on the line provided. Check the box next to the order in which you would like the responses to be weighted.

  • Not applicable/neutral response: (This response will not be used in calculating statistics.)
    Check yes if you want to exclude a NA or neutral response in the calculation of item means. Write the letter of the NA or neutral response on the line provided (e.g., C). Check no if you do not want to exclude or if you do not have any NA or neutral responses.

  • Subscales: (Group of items for which you want to create subtotals.)
    Check no if you only want a total score for the evaluation items. Check yes if you have subscales. Write the number of subscales you have on the line provided. In the grid, name the subscale and list the items used to create the subscale.

  • Missing responses to be handled for subscales: (If left blank, first choice will be used.)
    Check the first option if you want us to drop a student evaluation that has a missing response for a subscale. Check the second option if you would like us to replace missing responses with the mean of the evaluation items