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ATSD Resources for Students

ATSD Testing for Students

Students with ODS approved testing accommodations can elect to take any in-class exam or quiz at the Academic Testing for Students with Disabilities office (ATSD). Accommodations may also be provided by a faculty member, instructor of a course, or the designee of an instructor. If the in-class assessment is to be administered by ATSD, then the student must adhere to the policies and procedures listed in the Student Testing Guidelines document.

Students who choose to coordinate testing arrangements with ATSD must follow the policies and procedures outlined in the Student Testing Guidelines. It is important for all students planning to test through ATSD to read the guidelines in their entirety. This document is also a resource to find information on the following:

  • ATSD Policies
  • Submitting a test request
  • Expectations for student behavior
  • Testing procedures
  • Specialty Accommodations
  • Navigating the AIM Testing System

ATSD Important Testing Documents


Eligible Assessments for ATSD Administration

ATSD proctors assessments that are administered on campus for a class. For example, students taking an online course where the instructor administers the exams on campus would be eligible to take those exams at ATSD. Take-home exams are ineligible unless the student cannot access his/her testing accommodations (e.g., student needs a reader but does not have access to text-to-speech software at home). All questions as to whether or not an assessment is eligible for administration at the ATSD office should be directed to the ATSD Supervisor.

Testing Materials

Students are responsible for providing all of the necessary approved testing materials for an exam.  Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Calculators
  • Rulers
  • Pencils/pens

ATSD provides all scratch paper and answer forms such as scantrons and blue books for testing.

ATSD Scheduling Submission Deadline

Online requests for all in-class assessments must be submitted by 5 PM at least three business days before the requested scheduled date. The Three Business Day Rule does not include weekends or holidays as the ATSD office is closed on these days. Assessments should be requested for the same day as the exam is given in class and as close to the same time as possible.

The Testing Center, Round Rock, follows the same deadlines but has different start times. Refer to the ODS Exam Service page for details regarding their exam start times.

What is the deadline for submitting my assessment request during regular testing?

The following chart will show you some examples of how to figure out the request submission deadline for a regular assessment:

I need to take my exam or quiz on:

I need to submit my request by:

Monday at 8AM

No later than 5PM on Wednesday

Tuesday at 11AM

No later than 5PM on Thursday

Wednesday at 5PM

No later than 5PM on Friday

Thursday at 2PM

No later than 5PM on Monday

Friday at 3PM

No later than 5PM on Tuesday

Tuesday at 5PM, but Monday is a holiday

No later than 5PM on Wednesday

**Students should submit all assessment requests as soon as syllabi are received in order to avoid missing the 3 business day deadline.**


What is the deadline for submitting my request to take a final exam at ATSD or TCRR?

The following chart will show you some examples of how to figure out the request submission deadline for final exams:


Deadline for final exam request:


Ten business days prior to the last day of regular classes


Ten business days prior to the last day of regular classes

Summer 1

Three business days prior to the day of final exams

Summer 2

Three business days prior to the day of final exams


Extended Time Calculations

In-Class Time



50 mins

1 hr 15 mins

1 hr 40 mins

60 mins

1 hr 30 mins

2 hrs

75 mins

1 hr 53 mins

2 hrs 30 mins

80 mins

2 hrs

2 hrs 40 mins

90 mins

2 hrs 15 mins

3 hrs

110 mins

2 hrs 45 mins

3 hrs 40 mins

150 mins

3 hrs 45 mins

5 hrs

170 mins

4 hrs 15 mins

5 hrs 40 mins



ATSD Final Exam Extended Time Information


In-Class Finals Duration:

2.5 hrs (150 mins)*




3hrs 45 mins (225 mins)

5 hrs (300 mins)







*Maximum amount of in-class time possible for a final exam. The instructor determines in-class final exam durations and can therefore differ from the durations displayed above.

ATSD will only administer assessments with accommodations that have been approved by the Office of Disability Services (ODS). If you need to modify your testing accommodations, please visit Office of Disability Services