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Academic Testing for Students with Disabilities

Academic Testing for Students with Disabilities (ATSD)


All persons entering the TEMC are required to wear a face covering throughout the duration of their visit and follow TEMC social distancing procedures. Face coverings should follow campus guidelines for a quality mask found here. Neck gaiters, face shields, and masks with vents are examples of face coverings not recommended by the CDC and do not qualify as acceptable face coverings. Examinees wearing a non-compliant face covering will be provided a disposable mask which must be worn to obtain services. Thank you for helping us to maintain increased safety and social distancing measures at the TEMC.


The TEMC is currently limiting in-person contact and requiring appointments for services. Exams are offered in-person and remotely, where applicable. Please click on each office below for additional information. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Academic Testing for Students with Disabilities office administers in-class academic exams and quizzes with approved testing accommodations for students who are registered with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) at Texas State University. Texas State University has designated ATSD as the official office to provide testing accommodations for students with disabilities. Our facility offers students enhanced accessibility for course exams and quizzes by providing a reduced distraction testing environment and accessible technology options.

Student testing at a computer station in ATSD

A student checking-in to test at ATSD