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ODS Exam Service at the Testing Center, Round Rock

ODS Exam Service at the Testing Center, Round Rock

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The Testing Center, Round Rock, TCRR, administers in-class academic exams and quizzes with pre-approved testing accommodations for students who are registered with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) at Texas State University. There is no charge to eligible students for this service.

Our facility offers students enhanced accessibility for course exams and quizzes by providing a reduced distraction environment and accessible technology options.

Exams can only be administered in-person and by appointment during our operating hours and must be completed at least 30 minutes prior to our closing time. Texas State students with an approved accommodation through the Office of Disability Services may request an early evening exam appointment Monday – Thursday if the exam will end by 6:30 PM and the request is made at least two weeks prior to the testing date.

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  • At the beginning of each semester, provide the Testing Center, Round Rock with a copy of your letter of accommodation from the Office of Disability Services, ODS, and a copy of your syllabus for each course for which you will be requesting accommodated testing. You may drop-off at Avery 209 during our hours of operation, or email,, your documents to the Testing Center, Round Rock. Your file will be completed within 3 business days.

    Once your file for the semester is complete, you may call, 512-716-4020; email,; or drop-by during our hours of operation at Avery 209 to make an appointment.

    Please inform your instructor that you will be testing at the Testing Center, Round Rock.

    Your appointment will be during our hours of operation, and, if possible, on the same day as your class takes the exam or quiz based upon when your instructor wants you to test. All exceptions must have prior approval by the instructor. Failure to follow your instructor’s exam schedule may result in the need to administer your test through our proctoring service as a makeup or early exam. If this occurs you will be charged a $40 testing fee to use our proctoring service.

    All exams or quizzes will begin and complete in one day and end no later than15 minutes prior to closing of the Testing Center, Round Rock. The TCRR is closed on the weekends.

  • If you can’t make your appointment, call the Testing Center, 512-716-4020, or email,, as soon as possible. All reschedules, for any reason, must have the instructor’s prior approval.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure your appointment is requested in time for the Testing Center to obtain your test from your instructor. We recommend that you make your appointments at least one week in advance, but we require at least 3 business days. Many students make the next appointment upon completing the previous exam or quiz at the Testing Center, Round Rock.

  • The TCRR proctors assessments for students registered through the Office of Disability Services, ODS, that are administered on campus for a Texas State University course. For example, students taking an online course where the instructor administers the exams on campus would be eligible to take those exams at our center. Take home exams are ineligible unless the student cannot access his or her testing accommodations. For example, a student needs a reader, but does not have access to text-to-speech software at home. All questions as to whether, or not, an assessment is eligible for administration at the TCRR should be directed to the Testing Center, Round Rock Supervisor.

  • Students are responsible for providing all necessary approved testing materials for an exam. Examples include but are not limited to calculators, rulers, special pencils or pens.

    The TCRR provides all scratch paper and answer forms such as scantrons and blue books for testing. Number 2 pencils are also available. Single-use ear plugs are available upon request.

  • Texas State University course assessments with accommodations may be taken at either campus. If you would like to take an assessment at the San Marcos campus, first discuss it with your instructor, then coordinate with ATSD.