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Internship Information

Through the industrial internship program in the Department of Engineering Technology, students gain relevant first-hand experiences while working in the industry related to their studies. Taken during the summer after completion of their sophomore year, the internship enriches their academic experience and assists the student in honing in on the industry and/or companies that interest them. The internship provides the student with the following:

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  • Refined problem-solving skills
  • Aids in transition from student to professional
  • Experience working in industry
  • Skill in seeking employment
  • Employment possibilities after graduation

Finding an internship position is the responsibility of the student just as it will be to find a job after graduation. There are multiple job fairs offered on campus where the industry representatives meet and often interview students. The dates and a list of attending companies can be found on the Career Services website. Further, the internship coordinator and faculty in the students are of interest will assist the student having difficulty locating a position. Now is the opportunity to try different sized firms and narrow the focus of potential companies to seek employment with after graduation.

Career Services here at Texas State University provides assistance to undergraduates, graduates and alumni who seek help in formulating and implementing career plans. Along with hosting job fairs and keeping an active database of possible employers, they offer various programs and workshops each semester to assist students. Employers can contact the Career Services office to be added to the active job postings and/or job fairs. 

Students are required to apply to take the internship course, TECH 2190, through the ePortfolio platform. Students will log into ePortfolio, click “Applications”, then “Create New Application” and select the Internship Application from the list. Once the application has been submitted by the April 1st deadline, it will be reviewed before the end of the Spring semester for compliance to the limited requirements of:

  • 2.25 gpa in major
  • 45 semester hours completed (includes core classes)
  • 1 semester of attendance at Texas State University
  • Completion of two math and/or science courses toward major
  • Attendance at the October, February, and May (reading day) internship meetings

Once approved, the students MUST register for TECH 2190 in the summer session. Students are required to fulfill the 50 days AND 400 hours internship with student and Industry Supervisor’s evaluations submitted to their assigned Faculty Supervisor via ePortfolio and/or other means as directed by the Faculty Supervisor.  These Industry supervisor's forms can be used if there is difficulty with the ePortfolio site. 

Contact Dr. BJ Spencer at for more information on TECH 2190 or TECH 4390, the writing intensive version of the internship.



TECH 2190 Industrial Internship BROCHURE