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Student Organizations

American Concrete Institute


                      Faculty Advisor: Dr. Federico "Fred" Aguayo

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) is a  technical and educational society organized in 1904 to develop, share, and disseminate the knowledge and information needed to utilize concrete to its fullest potential. The ACI Student Chapter at Texas State University- San Marcos strengthens this link between ACI, The Concrete Industry Management Program (CIM) and the entire Texas Concrete Industry. The Chapter offers many opportunities to students such as meeting with leaders in the industry, attending seminars, visit sites, participate in ACI competitions, and networking with other professional societies at Texas State University.

2019/2020 OFFICERS:                                         

PresidentJacob Haby                                    
Vice-PresidentParker Nerby                              
Treasurer:  Maria Valdez                                   
RecorderDale Ellis

American Foundry Society


Faculty Advisor - Dr. Farhad Ameri, Mr. David Hanzel

American Foundry Society Is The leading U.S. based metalcasting society that assists member companies (metalcasting facilities, diecasters and industry suppliers) and individuals to effectively manage all production operations, profitably market their products and services and to equitably manage their employees. The American Foundry Society also promotes the interests of the metalcasting industry before the legislative and executive branches of  the federal government. With the direction of its volunteer committee structure, the professional staff of the American Foundry Society provides support in the areas of technology, management and education to further activities that will enhance the economic progress of the metalcasting industry.

2019/2020 OFFICERS:

PresidentLuis Bernardino
Vice President: Josh Avery
TreasurerSkylar Moore  
Secretary: Max Casares
Secretary:  Kolton Cansler

Materials Advantage:

Vice President: 

Material Advantage is an international student professional society dedicated to the science, engineering, and manufacturing of everything material!   The latest advances in technological developments would be impossible without the development of advanced materials such as semiconductors, carbon fiber composites, 3-D printed materials, metal matrix nanocomposites, advanced lightweight and high strength steels, high temperature ceramics and polymers, and nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes and graphene.  Material Advantage is dedicated to the entire range of material science and manufacturing.  Once you’ve become a Material Advantage member, you’ll quickly see that "Everything Else Is Immaterial!"

Material Advantage provides a single low-cost membership that provides access to the materials science and engineering professional's most preeminent societies:

ACerS - The American Ceramic Society
AIST - Association for Iron & Steel Technology
ASM International - The Materials Information Society 
TMS - The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society

Material Advantage members also have a lot of fun with community outreach events, trips to national conferences, student design competitions and projects, and career and networking events with future employers.  Material Advantage members also enjoy exclusive inclusion in job search websites for internships and full time career opportunities in Texas and abroad.  In addition, Material Advantage awards members more than $600,000 annually in scholarship assistance.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)



Faculty Advisor: Dr. Byoung Hee You

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a professional and educational organization that promotes interactions between mechanical engineers and various fields of engineering and science. To improve member’s technical skills and knowledge ASME offers: training, conferences, community outreach, publications, codes, and standards. The student chapter at Texas State University aims to increase student interest in mechanical engineering by offering seminars from professionals and facility tours. Any student with an interest in mechanical engineering or related fields are encouraged and welcome to join.

2018/2019 OFFICERS:

President:           Joseph Miller
Vice President:   Clare Collins
Secretary:           Trey White
Kaitlyn Solis

Collegiate Association for Women in Construction


          Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kimberly G. Talley, P.E.


CAWIC was created to acknowledge academic and professional excellence among the students in the Department of Engineering Technology, Construction Science & Management Program. Our organization strives to better our community through supporting women in construction, striving for academic excellence, and organizing community outreach.  

2019/2020 OFFICERS:
Co-President:  Haeli Allen
Vice President:  Alex Easley
Community Outreach:  Evelyn Hernandez

For more details, please visit the CAWIC website.

Construction Student Association


          Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kimberly G. Talley, P.E.


The Construction Student Association of Texas State University is an organization for students pursuing a construction-related degree within the Department of Engineering Technology. This umbrella organization includes the student chapters of ABC, AGC, and NAHB. 

2019/2020 OFFICERS:
President:  Daniel Hesse
Vice President:  Austin Elms
Treasurer:  Darrin Tinajero
Secretary:  Jacob Pruski
ABC Ambassador:  Francisco Reyes
AGC Ambassador:  Tyler Ogle
NAHB Ambassador:  Ethan Lewis
Community Outreach:  Zeke Arzaga
Student Outreach:  Rodrigo Valle
Special Events Coordinator:  Stephen Baird

For more details, please visit the CSA website.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Engineering Faculty Advisor: Dr. Asiabanpour
Technology Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ameri


The Texas State Chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers is open for membership by all Technology Students. SME was organized to promote professional growth and social activity among its membership. All interested university faculty and students are welcome to join.

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is the world's leading professional society advancing manufacturing knowledge and influencing more than half a million manufacturing practitioners annually.  Through its communities, publications, expositions and professional development resources, SME promotes an increased awareness of manufacturing engineering and keeps manufacturing professionals up to date on leading trends and technologies.

Email SME Student Chapter: