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Electronics Lab - RFM 4234

This lab is located in Room RFM4234 of the Roy F. Mitte Building.
The Electronics Laboratory in The Department of Technology is used for a variety of courses in industrial technology, engineering technology, and manufacturing engineering.
This lab contains 10 work areas, accommodating 20 lab students.


Schedules and Software

You can find out what software is available in this lab on the Supported Software chart.
This lab is not for open student use.  Please check the Lab Schedules page for class days and times.


Lab Equipment

In addition, two Hampden Engineering DC/AC motor instrument stands are available for use in the Industrial Electronics course. In 2001, the Department received an NSF Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement grant which has provided funds for the computers as well as new oscilloscopes.

Graduate teaching assistants augment the instructional staff in many laboratories. A generous grant from the National Science Foundation has allowed us to upgrade the electronics lab with state of the art computer testing and measurement equipment provided by Dell computers.

The electronics lab currently accommodates 36 students in a lecture-and-laboratory format which allows rapid coordination between theoretical study and practical experience on the bench.

The lab houses ten separate workstations designed to accommodate two students each. Each station in equipped with a computer and word-processing software so that students can dynamically create lab reports while collecting data. The computers also contain Multi-Sim software which dramatically enhances the accuracy and speed of laboratory testing.