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BS - Concrete Industry Management (CIM)


Bachelor of Science
Major in Concrete Industry Management
(Minor in Business Administration)

(Minimum required: 120 semester hours)

CIM Faculty


Name Email
Dr. W. James Wilde, P.E., CIM Program Director
Dr. Yoo Jae Kim, P.E., Associate Professor
Dr. Fred Aguayo, Assistant Professor
Dr. Anthony Torres, Assistant Professor

Concrete Industry Management

Concrete Industry Management (CIM) is a hands-on technology discipline that prepares students for a wide range of exciting technical and managerial careers in the concrete and related industries. Texas State is one of four universities in the nation to offer this innovative degree program. The goal of this industry-driven program is to produce broadly educated, articulate graduates who are grounded in basic construction management, knowledgeable in concrete technology and techniques, and able to manage people and systems to promote products and services related to the concrete industry.

General Requirements

The CIM major requires 120 hours of study. Coursework is drawn from concrete technology, business, construction management, engineering, math, science, arts, humanities and social sciences. Most the CIM and technology courses involve laboratory work in which students learn by doing.