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Master of Science in Engineering Management


The Engineering Management graduate program at Texas State University is designed for those who seek careers or career advancement in the management of engineering operations and systems in manufacturing and service sectors. Our graduates can integrate technological skills with management knowledge to solve complex technical problems in various domains including automotive, semiconductor, energy, and medical field. Our multidisciplinary and contemporary curriculum bridges the gap between the engineering and industrial management fields.

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Career Opportunities

An Engineering Management degree prepares engineers to accelerate their engineering career and move into advanced management positions. Graduates of the Master of Science in Engineering Management degree secure positions in a variety of industry-focused management and leadership roles. The Engineering Management program at Texas State University prepare engineers who can take several positions including:

•    Quality Assurance Manager
•    Engineering Manager
•    Senior Project Manager
•    Lead Systems Engineer
•    Product Development Manager
•    Process Improvement Manager
•    Supply Chain Manager
•    R&D Manager



Admission Standards

Students having a GPA of 2.75 or higher for the last 60 hours of undergraduate course work are admitted unconditionally and are not required to take the GRE.

Students with a GPA below 2.75 for the last 60 hours of undergraduate course work may qualify for conditional admission, but must submit GRE scores to the Graduate College. A score of 297 or higher is considered acceptable for attaining conditional admission to the Engineering Management graduate program. However, a final admission decision will not be made until GRE scores are on file with the Graduate College. Applications with lower GPAs will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Lower GPAs may require higher GRE scores. Please note that conditional admission is NOT available for international students and they have to meet the minimum GPA requirement.  

Visit for access to an online application and additional details. Application deadlines for U.S. citizens are June 15 for fall, October 15 for spring, and April 15 for summer. Application deadlines for international students are June 1 for fall, October 1 for spring, and March 15 for summer. Applicants interested in being considered for graduate assistantships, scholarships, and/or fellowships, must apply by the priority deadline of February 1 for fall admission.

Background Requirements

Generally speaking, those who hold undergraduate degrees in any engineering or engineering technology discipline (or any other STEM program) will face no background work. Individuals holding undergraduate degrees in other fields may find it necessary to complete selected prerequisite courses to remedy deficiencies. Prerequisite requirements will be determined on a case by case basis through consultation with the Graduate Advisor. New students may not enroll in graduate-level courses until assured by the Graduate Advisor that they have satisfied necessary prerequisite requirements.

The Curriculum and Course Work

The Master of Science in Engineering Management is a 30-credit-hour degree. It is comprised of a 24-credit-hour major in Engineering Management plus a 6-credit-hour cognate minor in business management. The major includes 9 hours of core technology courses that are common to all students, regardless of specialization. Students may elect a specializations in manufacturing management or industrial management. The 6-credit-hour cognate minor allows students to select from such industry-focused business courses as supply chain management, process improvement management, managing business creativity, organizational change management, data analytics etc.

Thesis option students are required to complete a 6-credit-hour research component. Non-thesis students have the option of taking a 6-credit hour Directed Project if they are interested in conducting a research project. A thesis is the more appropriate option for full-time students who may have ambitions of pursuing a PhD degree, while the directed project is the best choice for part-time students who hold jobs in industry.

The Engineering Management Major

Program Structure
•    9 hours of Engineering Management Core
•    9 hours of concentration course (15 hours for non-thesis option)
•    6 hours thesis courses (for thesis option students only)
•    6 hours of cognate minor in business management
•    Total: 30 credit hours

Core Curriculum

All Engineering Management students must complete the following 9-credit-hour core curriculum:

Course Number Course Name
TECH 5394 Design of Industrial Experiments
TECH 5315 Engineering Economic Analysis
TECH 5365 Industrial Project Management and Scheduling


Students may select 9-semester-hours of course work from one of the following specializations.

Manufacturing Management

Course Number Course Name
TECH 5311    Computer Aided Engineering
TECH 5364   Statistical Manufacturing Process Control
TECH 5391     Advanced Manufacturing Systems
TECH 5392   Fundamentals of Microelectronics Manufacturing
TECH 5384  Problems in Technology

Industrial Management

Course Number Course Name
TECH 5310 Product Design and Development
TECH 5364 Statistical Manufacturing Process Control
TECH 5382 Sustainability in Industrial Management
TECH 5387 Planning Advanced Technology Facilities
TECH 5384 Problems in Technology

Upon advice of the graduate advisor, students specializing in either manufacturing management or industrial management may also elect graduate level courses offered through the Ingram School of Engineering, and/or other departments in the College of Science and Engineering.

The Research Component

All thesis-track students or non-thesis track students interested in taking research courses, must complete either a 6-credit-hour thesis or directed project:

Course Number Course Name
TECH 5399A Thesis (Initial thesis enrollment)
TECH 5399B  Thesis  (Continuing thesis enrollments)
TECH 5398     Directed Project (Repeatable for credit)

The Cognate Minor

In addition to the 24-credit-hour major, all students must complete a 6-credit-hour cognate minor in business management. Students may select from any of the following management courses:

Course Number Course Name
MGT 5310  Organizational Change Management
MGT 5311  Process Improvement Management in Organizations
MGT 5315      New Venture Management
MGT 5321       Supply Chain Management
MGT 5325       Managing Business Creativity
MGT 5391       Managing the Communication Process

Other courses in the McCoy College of Business may also be elected upon advice of the graduate advisor acting in consultation with the graduate advisor for the College of Business.

Comprehensive Examination

All students are required by the Graduate College to successfully complete a comprehensive examination before graduating. In the Department of Engineering Technology, the comprehensive exam is an evaluation that measures students’ competency and mastery of the concepts and theories related to their research project. For Directed-Project Option students, the comprehensive examination takes the form of an oral exam given to the students during their oral proposal defense session. The comprehensive exam includes questions pertaining to the general theories and methodologies related to the area of research. For Thesis Option students, the oral proposal defense is used as the comprehensive exam. The examination is administered by the student’s main advisor (committee chair).  Students who perform unacceptably on the exam may take the exam a second time.


It is critical that new students contact the Engineering Management Graduate Advisor as soon as feasible upon admission to the program. The Graduate Advisor will assist the new student with transcript evaluation, identification of deficiencies, and specification of necessary prerequisite course work. The Graduate Advisor will also assist the new student in selecting appropriate courses for their first semester of graduate enrollment and with such substantive issues as degree audit preparation. Interested parties may contact the Graduate Advisor or the Engineering Technology Department Chair for information regarding the Master of Science in Engineering Management Degree at Texas State University.

Course Schedules

The majority of graduate level Engineering Management courses are offered one-night-a-week throughout any given semester. This is done to facilitate the enrollment of working professionals who may hold full-time positions, and whose working hours tend to be during the daytime.


The Department of Engineering Technology offers a limited number of Graduate Instructional Assistantships (GIA) or Graduate Research Assistantships (GIA).
GRAs typically work with faculty on research and other special projects. GIAs are usually involved with instructing undergraduates in a laboratory setting. A Research or Instructional Assistant's workload will never exceed 20 hours per week. Teaching Assistants typically teach freshman level courses under faculty supervision. Both GRA and GIA positions qualify the student for in-state tuition rare. Stipends available for assistantship positions will be determined based on university guidelines. Those interested in applying for assistantship positions should contact the Engineering Management Graduate Advisor for details and application instructions.

Graduate College Scholarships and Fellowships

For more information about scholarships, fellowships, financial aid and application deadlines, visit Texas State’s Graduate College Web site at (Scholarships and Fellowships)


Farhad Ameri, Graduate Advisor – Engineering Management
Department of Engineering Technology
Texas State University
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666-4605
Phone: 512.245.2137
E-mail: Dr. Ameri

Graduate Faculty

•    Ameri, Farhad
•    Khaleghian, Meysam
•    Kim, Yoo Jae
•    Lee, Soon-Jae
•    Song, In-Hyouk
•    Spencer, BJ.
•    Talley, Kimberly G
•    Trueba, Luis
•    Wilde, James
•    You, Byoung Hee