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Construction Science and Management


The construction industry is the largest production industry in the United States, with expenditures exceeding $750 billion per year.  In fact, 6% of the population is directly employed in construction, with another 6% employed by companies that support construction.  The industry is characterized by rapid growth and continuous technological changes as new materials, building techniques and increasingly sophisticated projects are designed and built.  The key professional in this industry is the constructor, or construction manager, who is the trained professional who manages a project from start to finish on time and within budget.  The Construction Science and Management (CSM) Program is specifically designed to prepare you for this field.

CSM Brochure

Current Degree Catalogs


Name Email
Dr. Soon-Jae Lee
Dr. Vivek Sharma
Dr. Charles Smith
Dr. BJ Spencer
Dr. Kimberly Talley
Dr. Gary Winek, Construction Program Coordinator

CSM Advisors

CSM advisors are assigned to students based on the last two digits of their student ID number.  It is highly recommended that CSM students see their CSM advisors before they register for classes to be sure they are taking their courses in the proper order.

Advisor Last 2 Numbers Room
Dr. Soon-Jae Lee (20-39) RFM 2213
Dr. Vivek Sharma (40-39) RFM 4215
Dr. Charles Smith (00-19) IGRM 3311
Dr. B.J. Spencer (60-79) RFM 4245
Dr. Kimberly Talley (80-99) RFM 4244

Pre-Construction Curriculum

All students declaring the Bachelor of Science with a Major in Construction Science and Management (CSM) first enter the degree through a Pre-Undergraduate Degree Program in CSM, commonly referred to as Pre-Construction.  Once the student has successfully completed the required 30 hours of Pre-Construction coursework (per the table below), or is in the semester in which they are completing their remaining Pre-Construction course(s), they can apply to matriculate into the full CSM major.  After matriculation, students' degree designations in their degree audits is changed from "Pre-Undergraduate Degree Program" to a "Bachelor of Science".

Course Title
CSM 1260 Introduction to the Construction and Concrete Industry
CSM 2313 Fundamentals of Architectural Problem-Solving and Design
CSM 2342 Construction Materials and Processes
TECH 2351 Statics and Strengths of Materials
MATH 2417 Pre-Calculus
MATH 2328 Elementary Statistics
CHEM 1335 & 1141 Engineering Chemistry and Lab
PHYS 1315 & 1115 General Physics I and Lab
PHYS 1325 & 1125 General Physics II and Lab

Click here to view your CSM degree flowchart, based on your catalog year.  This link also contains instructions on how to determine your catalog year.

Pre-Construction Minimum Grade Requirements:

The Pre-Construction curriculum requires a grade of a ā€œCā€ or higher in all 30 hours of the Pre-Construction courses, along with earning at least a 2.5 overall GPA in these 30 hours.  If you are in your last Pre-Construction course(s) and you apply to matriculate to the full major, you will be allowed to pre-register for advanced CSM courses for the next semester. However, if you do not meet the individual course grade requirement of a ā€œCā€ or higher grade or the overall 2.5 GPA for the 30 hours of Pre-Construction courses, you will be dropped from all advanced CSM courses after grades are posted for that semester.

Matriculation Application:

The application to Matriculate to the Full CSM Major is on ePortfolio:

ePortfolio Application Directions:

Timelines for Application:

  • During the Spring semester (applying for Matriculation to Full CSM Major for Fall), the application will open on February 15th and review of applications will begin after March 1st.  Applications submitted by March 1st are guaranteed to be reviewed prior to registration.
  • During the Fall semester (applying for Matriculation to Full CSM Major for Spring), the application will open on September 15th and review of applications will begin after October 1st. Applications submitted by October 1st are guaranteed to be reviewed prior to registration.

Review of these applications is a manual process and will not be done automatically, even if you have completed the 30 hours of Pre-Construction. If an application to matriculate is not submitted, you will NOT be able to register for any advanced level CSM courses.

Upper Division Courses in Construction Science and Management

Students must matriculate into the full CSM Major before enrolling in the following Construction Courses:

Course Title
CSM 2160 Introduction to Construction Surveying
CSM 2360 Residential Construction Systems
CSM 3360 Structural Analysis (TECH 2351 prerequisite)
CSM 3361 Commercial Building Construction Systems
CSM 3363 Heavy, Civil, and Highway Construction Systems
CSM 3366 Soils and Foundations (TECH 2351 prerequisite)
CSM 3367 Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems
CSM 4360 Senior Construction Management Capstone
CSM 4361 Construction Estimating
CSM 4364 Construction Project Management and Scheduling
CSM 4368 Environmentally Conscious Design and Construction
CSM 4369 Construction Contracts, Liability and Ethics

NOTE: Students can still take all their General Education courses, Business Minor courses and select CSM courses that do not require the Pre-Construction Curricula such as CSM 4313 Advanced Architectural Design (CSM 2313 prerequisite) and CSM 4380 Construction Safety (Junior status required), and TECH 2190 Internship.