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CSM Senior Exit Surveys

The CSM Program uses computer surveys to gather data from both its graduating seniors and Alumni. Below is a summarization of the results.  This survey is sent to our graduating seniors about a month after they graduate.  The faculty reviews the rating of all major courses and develops a plan to improve the ratings during the next survey cycle.

Construction Industry Placement by Sector

Based on information provided by graduating CSM majors on their Senior Exit Survey, they found employment in the following industries.

Length of Time to find a Job After Graduation

Students in the CSM Degree have a very high job placement rate, because of the high demand for these professionals in the Construction Industry. The demand is particularly high in Texas, as the population continues to grow as more companies move to or expand in the state, partially because of relatively low land cost, low state taxes and low utility costs. It is predicted that population of the state will double by 2050, thus requiring an expanded “Built Environment” to accommodate the growth. Following is our Job Placement rate our Senior Exit Surveys, based on the time it took CSM Graduates to find their first job.

Starting Salary of Graduates

Senior Exit Survey Results