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Section 1.4 - CSM Program Objectives and Associated Program Goals

The CSM Program has five broad based Program Goals and ten Program Objectives to guide the Construction Science and Management Program in implementing its' Mission Statement. The Goals and Objectives are as follows:

Goal I: Program Improvements
1) Incorporate the American Institute of Constructors {Ale), Associate Constructor (AC) Exam as a graduation requirement. The exam will be incorporated into the CSM 4360, Capstone course no later than Spring of 2019
2) Maintain ACCE Accreditation for the Program
3) Develop and implement CSM 4368 as an online offered course by Summer of 2018 and use this course as a model for future, appropriate CSM courses to be offered online.
4) Hold two Construction and Concrete Industry Job Fairs per year, attracting a minimum of 60 employers.
5) Develop and implement an application process for CSM "Pre-Undergraduate Degree Program" or PreConstruction Majors to apply to become "Full" majors after successfully completing the 30 hours of Pre- . Construction coursework, by Spring of 2017

Goal II: Faculty
1) Hire the Programs' first "Professor of Practice", with an employment starting date of Fall 2017
2) Expand the fulltime CSM Faculty to ten to meet the rapidly expanding Program needs by Fall 2017 {Note: Program has expanded from 318 students in Fall 2015 to 456 majors during Spring 2017 semester).

Goal Ill: Facilities
1) Incorporate the following into the R. F. Mitte remodel project by the Fall of 2019, if funds and space are available.
     a. Soils Lab
     b. MEPs Lab
     c. General Construction Lab (Replacing space lost to CE & CIM in the RFM 1225 Lab).

Goal IV: Industry
1) Maintain the Construction Advisory Board (CAB) at 12 members per the Advisory Board Bylaws
2) Increase the Industrial Advisory Council (IAC) to 30 paid members by Fall 2018