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Section 1.3 - CSM Program's Strategic Plan

The CSM specific 2017-2023 Strategic Plan has five major goals, associated resources and specific means to accomplish these goals. All five goals are strategic to the program and will lead to Program's improvements beyond those found in the former 2012-2017 plan. The five goals are:

1) Develop a Master's Degree in Construction Management that will support the CSM and CIM Program.
2) Balance CSM Faculty between tenure and non-tenured Faculty
3) Space allocation
4) CSM Program Changes (Curriculum)
5) Become an independent Department of Construction and Concrete Management.  Both the Departmental and CSM Program's Strategic Plans are revisited every three year of the Strategic Planning Cycle. (See Appendix D3 for the complete, "Construction Science and Management Strategic Plan 2017-2023".)