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Section 1.2 - Department of Engineering Technology - Strategic Plan 2017-2023 Introduction

Every six years (formerly five years), the University develops a new Strategic Plan. During this process, the Department receives a list of the major goals the University wishes to pursue during the next planning cycle (2017-2023). The Department develops their Strategic Plan based on the University's goals and specific Departmental and Program Goals. To begin the process, the Chair of the Engineering Technology Department requests that each director from the three programs (CSM, CIM, ET/IT) submit their program's Strategic Plan, based on input from their faculty. The chair then blends these three strategic plans into one Departmental Strategic Plan, which is submitted to the Dean of COSE to be incorporated into the Colleges' Strategic Plan. The Department spent the Fall of 2016 and early part of Spring 2017 developing this plan, which contains the five major goals of the Department. Included with these goals are the following:

1) Time Period to Complete Goal
2) New Resources Required
3) Cost
4) Source of Resources
5) Assessment Criteria
6) University Initiative Numerical References. (See Appendix D2)