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CSM Employer Surveys

Employer Survey 2016/2017

Employees of our CSM Graduates are also surveyed to determine how well our graduates perform on the job. This is one of the external measurement used to judge the quality of the program.

The employees rated our alumni on seven (7) different characteristics:

  • Oral communications: 17% Extremely satisfied, 67% Very satisfied
  • Ability to Learn: 33% Extremely satisfied, 67% Very satisfied
  • Quality of Work: 17% Extremely satisfied, 83% Very satisfied
  • Written Communications: 17% Extremely satisfied, 17% Very satisfied
  • Leadership Quality: 50% Extremely satisfied, 50% Very satisfied
  • Overall Performance: 0% Extremely satisfied, 100% very satisfied

The faculty reviews these ratings and determines the best means to make improvement to the curriculum to increase these ratings the next time the survey is administered.

See the link below for the complete survey results.