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CSM - Construction Advisory Board (CAB)

The Texas State University Construction Science and Management Program enjoys the support from an active Construction Advisory Board (CAB) which supports our activities and provides valuable input for the direction of the construction science and management program. The CAB meets multiple times a year, generally to coincide with our Spring and Fall Construction and Concrete Industry Career Fairs. 


The Texas State Construction Science and Management Program is committed to excellence in teaching, research and service in and for the construction industry. The objectives and purposes of CAB are to:

1. Promote and improve the construction profession by education and development of the body of construction knowledge.
2. Advance and support the highest quality faculty, educational facilities, and undergraduate and graduate programs for the students enrolled in the Construction Science and Management Program.
3. Provide liaison between the construction industry and the Construction Science and Management Program.
4. Develop and implement innovative programs which will benefit the Construction Science and Management Program, its students and the construction industry.
5. Through the active participation of the construction industry, the CAB shall offer advice, counsel and vision to the Construction Science and Management Program.


If your company is interested in becoming part of the Texas State University Construction Advisory Board (CAB), please contact either Dr. B.J. Spencer, Mr. John Casstevens, or Mr. Will Holder

Go Bobcats!

CAB Webinar - Successful Career Fair

CAB webinarOn 9/15/2021, a couple of the Construction Advisory Board (CAB) members participated in the CAB Webinar - Succeeding at the Career Fair.  They explained to students what the current job market looks like, what employers are looking for during interviews, and how to have a successful Career Fair.  Click here to see the presentation and/or listen to the webinar with their input and answers to the questions asked by students that were able to attend.