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Client Firms

Ion Biosciences was founded in 2018 and manufactures fluorescent ion indicators for biological and medical research. These synthetic dyes measure changes in ion concentration provoked by compounds (i.e., pharmaceuticals or other chemical agents) or other stimuli applied to cells. The indicators are designed such that the wavelength (color) and/or intensity (brightness) of their fluorescence emission change upon binding an ion. The fluorescence signal collected reflects the population of ion-bound indicators versus the population of ion-free indicators. Therefore, a change in the signal reflects a change in ion concentration, and so a change in signal can report cellular response to a stimulus. Scientists interpret the degree of this response to determine how to proceed with their research.

Contact: Taylor Pahnke,



MicroPower was set-up in 2008 to develop cutting­-edge technology in the area of thermoelectrics, and plans to market its energy and cost saving devices across the world. The MicroPower Chip is a new solid-state semiconductor without moving parts, which converts heat directly into electricity three times more efficiently than previously possible. Micro Power's technology can be applied across a wide range of settings, from microgeneration and portable power applications, to waste heat recovery on an industrial scale.

Contact: Tom Zirkle, or Ed Sadjadi,


Paratus Diagnostics is a point-of-care diagnostics company developing an accurate, small, low cost, and very convenient in vitro diagnostic device suitable for use in a doctor's office or clinic for the rapid detection of the cause of such common ailments as respiratory infections, periodontitis (gum disease), gastrointestinal diseases, urinary tract infections, and sexually transmitted diseases. The Company’s launch product is the ParatusPerio® Test for periodontal disease detection in a dental office, and is scheduled for submission to the FDA for clearance later this year. Future products will address the detection of possible acts of bio-terrorism for defense and homeland security applications as well as products to detect tropical diseases for use in the developing world.

Contact: Jane Shipwash, 512-245-6422 (Office)


PetaOmics., Inc. is a life sciences firm focused on functional genomics, epigenomics, and DNA methylation sequencing. The company is developing innovative approaches that facilitate the epigenetic analysis of human cells, which are applicable to all human cell types. The company will commercialize reagent kits designed to enable ground-breaking experiments in genomics and epigenomics. Some of the new research approaches enabled by PetaOmics kits and related technologies will facilitate the study, from an epigenetic standpoint, of chronic, complex diseases such as autoimmunity and the metabolic syndrome. Information generated using PetaOmics technologies will be of value for biomedical research, pharmaceutical drug discovery, and development of diagnostic tests.

Prior to founding PetaOmics, Dr. Paul Lizardi was a Professor of Pathology at Yale University. He is the primary inventor named on 25 issued patents which collectively have been licensed to over 80 commercial entities. In the year 2006 Dr. Lizardi was named by the Journal Nature Biotechnology in their short list of the 75 most influential scientists in life science technology development.

Contact: Dr. Brent Ferguson,

The 21st Century will be The Quantum Dot Era. The ability of mass producing Quantum Dot products for fulfilling needs from various commercial applications is clearly a game changer. High quality, high quantity, and lowest price quantum dots will increase the rate of change and new products will cascade into the marketplace once manufacturers learn to integrate higher efficiency/luminescence quantum dots into their products. This level of change represents a new paradigm that will create new industries, products, and jobs in science and industry. The list of possible quantum dot applications is ever expanding.

Contact: Steve Squires,



Sempulse was created for the men and women of our armed forces. With the constant reminders of the dangers our military men and women face in training and combat, Sempulse began developing sensor systems designed specifically for the harsh conditions of battlefield triage spread across the globe. We then realized that we could enhance the entire existing prehospital and multiple casualty spaces with our FieldVitals solution. We are a collection of biomedical, hardware, and software engineers and former U.S. Military Officers located in Arizona, California, Texas, and Illinois. Our Advisory Board consists of Fortune 50 executives, high-ranking U.S. Military flag officers, CEO-tenured physicians, and Tier 1 medical operators.

Contact: Sean Bauld,


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STAR One hosts Student Entrepreneurial Teams pursuing potential commercialization of new products, process, and services. Three student startups have been selected to participate.