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Private Tutor

Private Tutor Qualifications:


  • Have a minimum of a B in the courses you wish to tutor.
  • Have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0.
  • Obtain excellent faculty references.
  • Be ethical, responsible and enjoy helping others.
  • Not be an TX State faculty member (T.A.s and I.A.s are eligible with written 
    permission from their chairpersons).

International students are not eligible to become private tutors with SLAC because private tutors are not employed through the University.

In addition to SLAC’s in-house tutorial services, our Private Tutor Referral Program provides students with easy access to qualified tutors in as many academic areas as possible. Tutors employed by SLAC and working in the tutoring lab are not allowed to participate in the Private Tutor Referral Program.  Outlined below is the general procedure we follow. 
Students in need of tutoring must contact the SLAC office at (512) 245-2515, the SLAC lab at (512) 245-2996, or fill out an online Private Tutor Request form.
After filling out a short form to learn the caller’s identity and purpose, SLAC’s personnel will furnish names and phone numbers of qualified tutors.
The student contacts the tutor and asks if the tutor can help her/him in a specific content area.  If the tutor can help the student, then they agree to meet at a designated place and time.  (Specifics concerning payment for services are between the student and the tutor. In order to be competitive, SLAC recommends that undergraduates charge between $10 and $20 per hour and graduates charge between $20 and $40 per hour.)
The advantage of the program from the student's point of view is its simplicity. It prevents the student from having to go from department to department looking for a tutor. It also reduces the risk of finding an unqualified tutor because the tutors recommended by SLAC have been screened and selected based on their abilities.
Our primary concern is the student, and our goal is to provide the best tutorial services possible. As a tutor, you are an important factor in reaching this goal, and it is our hope that your commitment to the student and the program is as earnest as we believe ours is.
  • Clients are referred to you.
  • You decide how many clients to see.
  • You directly schedule tutoring sessions with the clients for a time convenient for both of you.
  • The client pays you after the tutoring session.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Meet new clients in the library for their first tutoring sessions
  • Showing up to tutoring sessions and being punctual
  • Staying current in the courses you are tutoring
  • Referring clients to appropriate sources when you are unsure of the information
  • Keeping SLAC informed of important changes (phone numbers, not accepting new clients, etc.)

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