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SLAC Lab Assistant Application

Job Description

You report to and are under direct supervision of the SLAC Lab Coordinator, and you may be assigned specific duties at any given time.  The responsibilities of SLAC Lab Assistants are as follows:
Running the front desk; Opening and closing the lab; Greeting SLAC clients; Greeting persons who may wander into the SLAC area (parents, inquiring students, and guests of the university); Acknowledging clients' requests and pairing clients with appropriate SLAC Tutors; Being familiar with and supporting SLAC and its policies; Attending training sessions (monthly); Attending staff meetings (monthly); Promoting and marketing SLAC services; Creating and maintaining a professional attitude; Helping to create and maintain an effective learning environment at SLAC; Informing office of absences and/or tardies; Knowing how to refer clients who are seeking information about the THEA, GSP, GRE, and other standardized tests to the proper sources; Being familiar with other academic support programs on campus; Being familiar with the library rules and policies; Receiving telephone calls and taking accurate messages; Knowing the location of SLAC’s learning resources (handouts, books, web site, etc.); Restocking lab materials; Knowing the SLAC counselors who work the same time period and what they tutor.

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Class Schedule

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