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Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader Application

Will you be living on campus next semester? (Bobcat Village is considered on-campus housing.) *

Please Note: *

Qualifying Subjects

Your qualifying subjects are those in which you want to be an SI and in which you have made an A in the course or tested out of the course through CLEP, AP, Dual Credit, etc. Selecting a subject as a qualifying subject indicates that you would be willing to SI for the class should there be no position availability in your first choice.

Select Your Top Qualifying Subject *
Select Your Second Top Qualifying Subject *
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I attest under penalty that I am (check one) *

Educational Background

Employment History

Anticipated involvement in campus/work activities next term (include hobbies, clubs, organizations, part-time employment, etc). ***Please note that if you plan to be an RA for the Department of Residence Life that you will not be allowed to have another job on campus! Also, if you will be a first time PACE Peer Mentor, please wait until your second semester to apply for SI. ***

General Questions

Academic References

As a professional courtesy please contact your desired reference prior to submitting their name. References are a required part of you application and should have knowledge of your academic performance. References will receive an email from the SLAC office asking questions about your academic performance. References may contact Lindley Workman Alyea at the SLAC office, 512-245-2515, with any questions at any time.


At least one of your references must be a faculty member within the Department for which you hope to be an SI Leader.

How did you hear about this job opportunity?


Copy your unofficial transcript from CatsWeb to a Word or PDF document. Then attach the Word or PDF document below.

Application Submission

By clicking the Submit button below, I hereby attest that all the information stated in this application is truthful and accurate.