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Become an SI Leader

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Supplemental Instructor. We are excited to build the best and most successful program we possibly can for the students at Texas State University. We are looking for outgoing students who are interested in meeting lots of new people and don't mind speaking in front of a group. This is a great opportunity to make connections among Texas State faculty and staff and with your fellow students. Please read the following information about what is involved in becoming an SI, fill out your online application, and submit it along with an unofficial copy of your transcript by using the link below.
I look forward to meeting you!

Lindley Workman Alyea
Assistant Director, SLAC

SI Leader Experience

SI Student Experience

FAQs About Becoming a Supplemental Instructor

What exactly are the job's responsibilities?

A Supplemental Instructor (SI) is a unique kind of tutor because he/she attends a class that has been identified as "traditionally difficult," meaning that it averages a 30% rate of students that Drop, Withdraw, or Fail the class. The idea is that rather than targeting students who struggle in school, programs should target classes with many students that struggle. SIs are paid for 8-9 hours per week for every section that they tutor. This breaks down to 3 hours of lecture, 3 hours of sessions, and 2 hours of office/preparation time. The idea is to teach study skills to help a student do well in future classes, as well as in the class in which they are enrolled. SIs also attend ongoing training meetings scheduled throughout the semester, in addition to an initial training held just before a semester begins. SIs must develop a good working relationship with the instructor with whom they work and be comfortable talking in front of groups.

Are there any specific requirements?

SIs must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, although we prefer your GPA be 3.2 or higher. An SI must maintain the 3.0 while employed with SLAC. You must have either taken the class you would like to tutor and have made an A, have taken the equivalent at another school, or have tested out of the class. It is preferable that you took the class at Texas State or have some coursework in that content area on our campus.

When do the positions open up?

SI positions are semester-long positions, meaning that you will have to be available from the first day of classes until the end of finals week. We accept applications throughout the semester and will call to schedule interviews sometime shortly before the last 3 weeks of the semester. Be sure to leave a current phone number and email address where you can be reached to schedule an interview.


What do I do next?

Complete an Online Application