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What Do We Offer?


The Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC) would love the opportunity to speak with your classes, groups, or organizations about its services as well as the other Student Academic Support Providers (SASP) on campus. These departments have a wide variety of academic resources available, and we wish to share that information with as many people at Texas State as possible. You may either schedule a 15 minute presentation on SLAC and the other SASP members, or we can also provide a 45 minute interactive workshop on your choice of the following topics:
  • Time Management & Reducing Procrastination
    (estimated 45 - 60 minutes long)
  • The Top 10 Vital College Success Strategies
    (estimated 45 - 60 minutes long)
  • College Note Taking (a more in-depth look at how to take notes for different types of college level courses than that presented at Bobcat Preview)
    (estimated 45 - 60 minutes long)
  • Test Preparation and Test Taking Strategies
    (estimated 45 - 60 minutes long)
  • Learning Preferences
    (estimated 45 - 60 minutes long)
  • SLAC and Other Texas State Academic Support Services Programs
    (estimated 15 minutes long)
  • SLAC Class Visit - Explore the main components of services
    (estimated 5 minutes long)

Please contact me directly at any time to schedule your presentation or do so online by clicking below.

Lindley Workman Alyea
Associate Director, SLAC