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Finding the Right Law School

Law School Enrollment Statistics, Employment & Bar Passage Outcomes
ABA's official site where you can search for current demographic statistic on students/faculty/staff at each law school, cost of attendance, and employment and bar passage outcomes of recent law school graduates.
ABA Section Of Legal Education


Law School Transparency
The premier resource for deciding whether and where to go to law school. Statistics for employment, admissions, bar exam, scholarships, tuition, and debt.
Law School Transparency


Law School Numbers & Top Law Schools
Social networking sites that help applicants, current students, and recent graduates with all aspects of the admissions, law school, and career processes.
Find Law for Students
Contains numerous links to information on law school prep (including sample personal statements), financial aid, and law careers.


Law Dragon
“In February, Lawdragon Campus decided to hit the road and visit every law school in the United States. We’ve visited 82 schools so far, with many more to come.”


“We visited every law school in Texas as part of our Law School Road Trip. There are 10 of them, and below are links to our reviews of each school. In general, please strongly consider going to school in the region where you are going to practice.”
Law Dragon Road Trip - School Reviews