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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Legal Education Data Desk - AccessLex
The best place to begin. AccessLex Institute’s Legal Education Data Deck utilizes datasets made publicly available by third parties to offer a snapshot of certain data and trends organized around the three guiding principles of AccessLex Institute’s research agenda: access, affordability and value in legal education. This is a living document that is updated periodically—AccessLex welcomes comments, criticisms and suggestions in order to make this as useful a tool as possible for all those we serve.
(All PDFs are downloadable.)
Legal Education Data Desk

Financing Your Legal Education - AccessLex

Student Loan Calculator - AccessLex

AccessLex Law School Scholarship Databank

Scholarship Estimator
LSAT Demon provides an interactive scholarship estimator based on your UGPA and highest LSAT score.
LSAT Demon Scholarships

A reliable service that allows students to create a profile and search for available scholarships. It also provides members general law school information.

How to (or not to) Negotiate for Scholarships and Financial Aid
PowerPoint presentation containing several student-generated samples of how NOT to write appeals for financial support with relevant comments from admissions deans and directors. Concludes with specific suggestions on how to handle financial negotiations.