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Suggested Texas State Courses for Prelaw Students

Here are some types of courses we direct you to take to prepare you for law school:

  • Courses requiring LOTS of reading, writing, and critical analysis
  • Courses requiring research and formal presentations
  • Writing intensive courses that require research and documentation

After reviewing courses required for prelaw minors and/or recommended courses for prelaw students at several universities, the Texas State LSAC prelaw advisors compiled the following list of suggested courses, but again, any course that provides you with the type of experience offered in our list above could also help. Completion of prerequisite courses may be required to enroll in some of the upper-division courses.

Honors College
All Courses*

Political Science
3331*    The Supreme Court and The Judicial Process
3332*    Constitutional Law: Basic Structures and Principles

3333*    Constitutional Law: Individual Liberties
3334*    Civil Law in American Society
4333*    Issues in Law & Public Policy
4334*    Legal Theories & Research

4352*    International Law

Public Administration
3340*    Administrative Law

Business Law
2361    Legal Environment of Business
3360    Business and Government Regulations
3363    International Business Law
3364    Commercial Law
3367    Employment Law

Criminal Justice
2350    The Courts and Criminal Procedure
2360    Fundamentals of Criminal Law
3300*   Juvenile Justice
4329    Organized Crime
4330    Cybercrime
4350*  Contemporary Legal Issues in Law Enforcement
4352*  Contemporary Legal Issues in Corrections

3343    Criminology
3344    The Sociology of Law
3347    Juvenile Delinquency
3348    Social Control

3338    Psychology and Law: Protecting the Vulnerable

3320*  Theory and Criticism

Communication Studies
2338    Public Speaking
3345    Argumentation and Debate

2330    Elementary Logic
3320*   Ethics
3322*   Professional Ethics
3323    Environmental Ethics
3331*   Philosophy of Law
3332*   Social and Political Philosophy

*Writing Intensive Courses