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University Administration Website Technology Team

Amy Rae Haffelder, Systems Support Specialist II, University Administration, Chair (T)

Alicia Barthel, Manager, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Institutional Inclusive Excellence for Faculty and Staff Initiatives (R)
Carolina Benavides, Senior Administrative Coordinator, Institutional Inclusive Excellence for Student Incentives, TRIO Programs (R)
Jaime Rodriguez, Student Development Specialist, Institutional Inclusive Excellence for Student Incentives (R)
Caryn Williams, Compliance (R)

The purposes of the University Administration Website Team are to:

  1. Serve as manager and editor of departmental website pages.
  2. Approve editors and assist UADMIN Tech with annual audit of those who can access pages as per internal auditors' recommendations.
  3. Serve on the development team as our new sites are created and implemented.
  4. Ensure that information put online are both ADA and ISO compliant.
  5. Team member will be point of contact for departments MediaFlo and Rev Accounts.
  6. Maintain support of websites once they have been designed/approved/implemented.
  7. Participate in any training available for new website resources or processes to ensure the department is implementing and applying innovative technology.
  8. Participate in divisional Website planning meetings as deemed necessary by UADMIN Tech to support divisional website goals.