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Affirmative Action Work Group

To Be Named, Director, Talent Acquisition and Inclusion, Institutional Inclusive Excellence for Faculty and Staff Initiatives, Chair (T) 

Katie Bonner, Manager, Master Data Center (T) 
Scott Bowman, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice and Criminology, Special Assistant to Provost, Inclusion and Diversity (T)
Carole Clerie, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources (T)
Tammy Sharp, Director, Faculty and Academic Resources (T)
Stella Silva, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Inclusive Excellence for Faculty and Staff Initiatives, Interim Chief Diversity Officer (T) 
Debbie Thorne, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs (T)
Lyndi Wittekiend, Manager, Faculty Employment (T) 
To Be Named, Affirmative Action Specialist (T)

The function of the Affirmative Action Work Group is to 1. Develop a process to collect data and review the data for accuracy; 2. Establish appropriate job categories for data analysis; 3. Conduct comparative statistical analysis data with appropriate aggregate U.S. labor segments in higher education; 4. Publish an annual AAP plan with data-informed strategies; 5. Develop a process for raising awareness of AAP plan strategies and ensuring implementation of the strategies, including reviewing data mid-year to ensure implementation of current AAP; and 6. Develop an annual calendar for program review, implementation, and revision. The Work Group will meet monthly throughout the year.